Thursday, May 31, 2007

Sunny smiles

Though you can't see it properly, my youngest is showing off a little model police car (Doc Hudson/Paul Newman) from the movie Cars. She had a very nice little birthday with cupcakes and chinese food (her choice for dinner). The actual party is on Saturday, we're going roller skating. There was a party at daycare and the little monkey was quite exhausted by the time we got done with dinner. She fell asleep while she was telling me goodnight. I can't believe my baby is five. sigh Time really flies, at light speed.

My oldest scored some pressies too. Grandma usually sends stuff for both girls, she's afraid someone will get hurt feelings. I think they are old enough now that it isn't a problem, but Grandma will do as she likes. One of the oldests' gifts is the family joke. Her great-grandma has a real horror of snails/worms/slugs. For a joke one year, I sent a wooden slug to her in a present. She sent it back with the next package to me and we started a special tradition between the two of us. I had to explain it a few years ago to my oldest, and she thought it was an awesome joke and wanted to help me decide how to hide it, or where to put it in the packages, etc. I shared this info with great-grandma and now she sends the slug to my oldest instead of me, much to DD's delight. Ah, the passing on of tradition. The little things that make you feel special and loved, even if it is a bit weird. Here she is holding up the slug. Sorry, it seems to blend into her hair.

It was a good day, but way too busy for knitting. I did finally read through all toe decrease instructions for the various sock patterns I've been using. Hmm. You experienced sock knitters probably know that they are all kind of the same, or so it seems. Both of my patterns are the same, they are just written differently since one is for DPNs and the other is for circs. That's reassuring to me. Now I can just get down to doing it, you know, in theory. First I've got to sit down for a few minutes while I'm at home. Something I've not really done in the past week. Still, I'm hopeful I'll find the time by Sunday to finish that sock off. There will be much rejoicing!

Then I'd probably better cast on the second one lest I lose all hope of having a PAIR of socks. The next socks I do are going to be on heavier weight yarn. That's all I'm saying... LOL

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