Tuesday, May 29, 2007

It fits!

This lovely picture is brought to you by my 5 (tomorrow!) year old. Sorry I didn't have time to tidy it up, but if I took the time for that, there wouldn't be any picture for a few more days. Please note the really nice sunburn. Yes. Mommy cleverly considered sunscreen for the kids, but completely forgot about very fair-skinned mom. Typical.

So, the shirt I tried the sweater over was a bit loose and made it an awkward sort of experiment, but I am confident that the sweater is a good fit so far. It might be a tidge (is that a word?) snug at the hips, but we'll see. This pattern calls for a bit of a split on the sides at the bottom, so that may not be a problem after all. The color is good with the hair, and the sunburn, and I am pleased with the whole project right now. I will say, however, that the sweater is very scratchy on sunburned skin. Weird. Everyone who sees the sweater and pets it comments on how very soft it is. Put it on a sunburn, it is the scratchiest of fibers. Amazing.

The sunburn is a result of an entire day in the sun in Seattle. I know! Crazy! Himself and his band played at the Folklife Festival and so we were out all day listening to music, entertaining the kids and eating overpriced food. We had a good time, but I did get burned pretty good. I had planned to bring some knitting along (the sock, in fact) but didn't quite have enough room in our bag for it, so I was without knitting for the day. I was actually quite bothered by the lack of knitting while out and about, but I did have it in the car. I guess I could have gone to the car for a "fix" or something, but it was a bit of a walk to the parking spot. The kids rode some rides at the park at Seattle Center and I rode a few with the oldest. Lots of fun, but I was exhausted!

I have nearly reached the end of the Endless Sock! I multi-tasked a bit on the knitting front this past week. I'm ready to do the toe decreases! I can't believe it! I was planning to finish off the sock yesterday, but I got sidetracked by getting new dishes. (I bought the Lisbon pattern in a mix of the three colors.) Hopefully I can get it done this week. I'm having to sort between patterns a bit. The pattern I'm knitting is for dpns, but I've knit it up on two circs. I'm trying to determine if I need to sort out the dpn toe on circs, put it back on dpns or modify directions for the toe on two circs to fit the number of stitches I have on my needles. Confused? Me too! I'm sure all of these ideas would work, but I'd like to be sure I'm doing all the math right before I get going. Fancy that. LOL

So once I brought the new dishes home, I had to make room for them. This started a whole ordeal, maybe this sort of thing is familiar to you. I cleaned out the cabinets, the tried to get "organized" and make better use of space. Mwahahahahahah. Uh-huh. By the end of the day, I made a trip out to get a stand-alone cabinet to put the kids melamine (non-breakable) dishware in, washed all the new dishes, part of it by hand, and got most of the stuff back in the cabinets. I was also able to get out some of my husbands favorite glasses that he hasn't seen in a while. Specialized beer/wine glasses, like our beer hoons (typo on the box, should have been 'horn', but we like the 'hoon'). I think we may tweak some placement stuff, but for now, it fits better than it has for a while and the kids love having their stuff in an easier to reach location. That new cabinet may have to be moved to a different part of the room, I'm not crazy about where it is currently standing, but we'll see.

A good three-day weekend, but crazy busy. I can't believe that I didn't sit down and just rest all weekend long. I am worn out and I have a busy week to go. The youngest turns 5 tomorrow and the party is on Saturday (Pirates! & roller skating, should be fun). Now if I can just work in the sock...

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Daisy said...

I love the colour of your jumper! It's going to be fab. Ouch about the sunburn, hope it calms down soon.