Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Two gentlemen callers

Lovely Southern gentlemen callers (yarn, whatever) we waiting for me when I returned from reading with the dogs at the library yesterday. Imagine my squee of delight as I enjoyed some sweet tea and pet the lovely Alcide Herveaux, at top, a true wolf, and master Jason Stackhouse, below, a newly turned panther (though he is more of a Tomcat, wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

These yarns are both from the Fresh From The Cauldron Vamp Yarn Club 2009. They are both in the silk sock base, 70% Merino and 30% silk and are very, very squishy. Both of these characters are from the Charlaine Harris Southern Vampire series, even if these two aren't vampires. I haven't decided yet what I'll knit up with them.

I also got a neat pattern for a fingerless glove knit flat, then joined. This allows the colors to flow nicely in a vertical line, for a different look in the gloves. I do love the pattern, but I'm not sure that's what I want to do with either of these fine fellows.

I'm up to the heel flaps on the Bellatrix. OR, and I really can't decide, I could do a few more pattern rows. I'd like to get them done, and I really don't have a need for knee socks, so I'll probably just go ahead and move forward with the heel. Can you move forward with a heel? Well, I shall try.

I spent part of the weekend finishing (sewing up) a sweet baby kimono for a friend. She's got some sort of tendon issue that keeps her in a brace for her hand. She is able to knit, but can't manage the sewing movements. So, I sewed for her this weekend (heh) and put the kimono together and got a button on a bib. Then my youngest DD volunteered me to repair a classmate's stuffed penguin. Good grief! I'm hoping this was a one-off deal, I do not want to start getting sewing from 20-some-odd first graders! I think this boy is a good friend, though, so maybe I'll be okay.

I am keeping to my plan to avoid starting anything new, so far. I'm hoping for at least another week before I freak out and cast on for something. Maybe I'll make it. I'm getting lots of ideas, mind you, but so far I haven't flipped and started anything.

This week I will have a fun day out on a field trip with the first-graders. We're going to a garden and walk in the woods. I just hope it isn't raining then, but I'm not holding my breath. We had some lovely, lovely SPRING weather last week. We must now pay for it with rain and wind. Later in the month I'm going with the third graders to see The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe play at a local high school. That will be fun, too, and it won't matter so much if it rains.

I seem to have recovered pretty well from surgery, now, and I'm feeling very energetic and spry. I think my brain is so darned pleased that there isn't any pain, or whatever, it is overcompensating. It is lovely to feel genuinely (mostly) mended. Prayers and crossed fingers that this will be a new trend.

Well, off to get those heels going and enjoy a 'nice day to be inside.'