Thursday, July 27, 2006

Beer Knits

I've struggled all week to get in some good knitting time, but I haven't been able to do it yet. Very frustrating, really. Tonight doesn't look good either. Well, it does, but not because I'll be knitting.

Tonight I have a date with Himself here. We really never go anywhere without the girls, so it is a rare event. They are celebrating a new facility with a tour, beer and free bar-b-que. Their beer is awesome, the view is nice and I'm pretty sure I can easily eat my own weight in bar-b-que. Should be a nice night all around. Maybe I'll even try to work in some knitting when we get back. You know, if I'm not feeling too fuzzy.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Day Two

Woo-Hoo! Day two of blogging. Wow, the earth still spins & nothing seems to have frozen over. So far, so good.

I had to go to the doctor yesterday (an on-going wrist saga I will discuss some other time) and I met a woman sorting through her knitting bag looking for just the right project for the waiting room. She finally pulled out this lovely plum-colored scarf with a beaded pattern on the end. The pattern calls for the scarf to be knit in two pieces and joined in the middle. The beading pattern is on each end of the scarf. I know I've seen this pattern somewhere, but I just can't remember where. Anyone have any idea? Maybe I should just try looking myself. Nah, that would be too easy (or just too much fun). I think I might like to try it though, it was really pretty.

I've got two projects on the needles right now that I keep moving between. One is my first sock. I've finally gotten into the rhythm of the pattern, but I have yet to experience any sense of 'sock addiction' that I've heard others mention. We'll see how that goes as I get closer to finishing the darned thing(s).

My other project is a t-shirt style sweater. This one is killing me. The pattern is from a LYS and their sample is in a bunch of novlety/eyelash yarns. I wanted something much less, erm, fluffy and went with a Berocco Softwist yarn. Beautiful color, but now that I'm working on it I'm having many second thoughts. Not to mention questions. I have no idea how this puppy is supposed to fit when finished, so trying to guage size is a bit of a problem. One size will fit my bust (with room to spare), but will have to stretch to fit my hips. The next larger size will fit my hips comfortably, but my top half will be swimming in the thing. This sweater is knit in one piece from the front bottom to the back bottom, so while I've considered decreasing as I move towards the top, I'm not sure how to do it so that it doesn't look all freaky. I think that if I carefully mark my rows on the front, and maybe even do some seaming on the way as I finish the back, I might be able to make the increases/decreases match front to back. This is only my second sweater, though, and the other was a big, oversized winter sweater (Big Sack Sweater from SnB). Not sure my skills are up to this, then again, you learn new stuff by trying it out. Right?

Gah! I really don't want to get to the end of the sweater & have to rip the whole darned thing because it looks like a big blue sack when I put it on. I keep thinking if I knit slowly enough, inspiration will strike. Or maybe I'll drop 50 pounds and it will be easier to get a good fit.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Getting Started

Well, I've done it. I've jumped on the bandwagon of blogging. I wonder if I can find a place to sit, or if I'll end up falling off the back the first time I hit a bump? This will take some getting used to I suppose, so if anyone stumbles upon this site, be kind and perhaps patient while I get it all sorted.

Since I plan for this to be a blog primarily devoted to knitting, and perhaps spinning as well, with everything else randomly mixed in, I'll just start with what's current in my knit-world.

I picked up knitting because I wanted to learn how to spin. Make sense? Well, I've always wanted to spin, but I had no idea what I would do with the yarn once I made it. I thought maybe I'd learn to crochet, but found that the patterns left me confused and holding a very shabby looking bit of yarn all stuck together. I took a weaving class, which I loved, but that takes more space and time than I have in my life right now. So, I eyed the knitting needles very nervously, picked up a copy of Knitting for Dummies and a nice wool yarn and jumped in with both feet. It has been about two and a half years & I'm still knitting. I guess it was a good fit after all. I have recently taken a spinning class & got my first wheel this past Christmas. I still have quite a ways to go with the spinning, but mostly due to having too many presents to knit that had to go out on a schedule (graduation gifts, etc.) which has left me with little time to work on my spinning. The Incredible Gifting Phase* is now coming to a close, so I should have some time to try to work out a shedule for both. We'll see, fingers crossed please.

*I have been gifting my graduating student employees with hats/scarves as they graduate. These folks all worked for me for 2 - 1/2 to 3 1/2 years, so I wanted to do something nice. They are all gone now & I don't plan to do any more knitting for my current crop. Too much work all the time! After about 8 or 9 sets, I'm done. The new folks don't know what they are missing, so no hard feelings there.