Friday, November 07, 2008

Finish Line in Sight

Okay, here's a shot of NeverMore. I promise I finished the pair, not just one. heh. These were knit up in Mountain Colors Barefoot in Obsidian on 2.5mm Knit Picks Options needles. I started 2 on 2 circs, but had to switch to one at a time (on 2 circs) due to my inability to repeat the lace pattern correctly on both legs at the same time. I might could do it now, but not when I needed to. I could have done a couple more repeats of the pattern for a taller sock, but I'm happy with them, as is.

Not the best picture, but I was going for spooky, and I was trying to take a picture of my own foot in an artistic sort of way. That's really hard, you know? I'm just not that bendy. I should really invest in some sock blockers. The book behind my foot is actually a really lovely (in a macabre sort of way) book with poems and stories by Poe along with b&w photography of settings suited to the mood. Many are photos of statuary in cemeteries & such. Amazon doesn't have a photo of the cover, but there are other books by the same guy, so you can get a general idea if you're really interested.

I loved the pattern on these socks, and I learned lots of new stuff. They were toe-up, my first, and lace, my first completed lace, and they had a picot edge at the top, yep, another first. Obviously, there are some hole issues where I picked up the stitches at the heel, but I don't mind since it is a lace sock anyway. The only real negative is that the socks are pretty tight and hard to get on my foot, especially the one on the formerly-broken leg. (That feels like I'm talking about the artist-formerly-known-as-Prince, who's now Prince again.) I'm not sure if it is the arch part of the sock & part of the design, or if I had a death-grip on the needles through that part and just pulled everything too tight. I'm leaning towards a pattern/design issue only because I did try really hard to loosen up, especially at that part, on the second sock and it is only slightly less tight. I've heard this is sometimes an issue with toe-up patterns, though, so maybe I'll just share the blame for the problem. I know some folks in the KAL followed a different method for this part of the sock exactly for this kind of reason. Obviously, these folks are more experienced with socks. I have the New Pathways book by Cat Bordhi, so I'll look into it next time I do a toe-up sock. (If I can remember.)

The socks will go on my foot, though, eventually, and I love the yarn and the way they turned out. I'll be wearing them, and I can even see myself knitting this pattern again, though goodness knows I've got plenty of other patterns stashed all over. I'm finishing up (turning the heel) on All Wrapped Up, still in the KAL, and trying to get them done before the official end of the KAL (Nov 15). I love they way they are knitting up, and the yarn is just gorgeous. It is from the Vintage Eclectic and is Cushy Delight in Darling Mummy. This yarn is creamy in color and has very, very light color shading in pink and blue. I tell you, I spent ages looking at it in various light and I just couldn't really see the colors. About 6 rows into this pattern, however, and BAM! there they were. They are really lovely socks and the yarn is very smooshy. I have TINKed the heel three times because I am a doofus, but I'm right at the turn bit and then it is smooth sailing. All I need is some uninterrupted time. (I'm a doofus because I keep trying to work on this part while watching very interesting movies/TV and it just won't work!)

I like to think I'd be further along in the KAL, only on my third pair of socks, but I spent much of October sewing costumes for the girls. The picture was taken by Himself and does not show the detail I was most proud of for each costume, but we may stick them back in them and try again. I had a flower fairy and a vampire princess (the pattern was for a princess costume, with long drapey sleeves, we just did it in red and black). It was fun working on the costumes, but it took up all my knitting time most days.

Also for your viewing pleasure is the Scottie dog pumpkin. After all, what is Halloween without the traditional Dog Pumpkin? I kid. For some reason, the youngest wanted a dog & this is one of the patterns I found. I got lots of compliments on it. lol The other was a very well done (if I do say so myself) scary face. The dog was a favorite, though. Who knew?