Thursday, October 20, 2016

Think, Think, Think...

I keep thinking I need to set aside time to update my blog, but I just never seem to make the time. Well, today might not be the day for a big update, but I thought perhaps I might dip my toe in the water, as it were, and attempt some sort of post in the hopes that it would get me going again.

When I was blogging regularly, I felt so much more organized, or at least managed chaos a bit better. Goodness knows, life with two teenagers (EEK!) is very chaotic.  Homeschooling continues, sort of, and now we've added tons of musical theatre, dance, voice, and now, piano lessons.  Mom's Taxi service is almost always on the go, or so it seems.  A pinched nerve in my upper back shut down all crafting (knitting, spinning, sewing) for a while, and frankly, most physical labor of any intensity. That was The Most Painful Thing I've experienced since my foot surgery, when the pharmacy messed up my meds and left me coming out of surgery and a nerve block with ZERO pain meds.  That set a whole new threshold for Serious Pain, I can tell you.  Of course, the pinched nerve pain took days to medicate properly thanks to doctors (my primary was out of town) who felt that my drug allergies = a drug problem. (Not wrong, strictly speaking, but they failed at the "do no harm" thing.)  Then there was the two solid weeks I spent flat on my back not moving to do anything other than self care (showers, loo, eating).  Meh.  I survived, and am still recovering, but the ability to craft is back, though I've learned something about proper posture, the importance of frequent breaks, and keeping muscles, etc., in good health.

So, now I'm slowly working my way back to crafting, and I'll see if I can add this blog back to at least a weekly update.  I love looking through it to see projects I've completed, I guess I need the encouragement to see progress made.