Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Happy Bealtaine! or May Day, if you prefer

Stoke up the bonfires and drive the cattle through them! As might be expected, after three days of lovely sun, we've gone back to clouds. Oh well. They both serve a purpose. After growing up in the desert, I enjoy the rain whenever I get it.

After a day of a more normal routine, I'm feeling a bit more myself. Yippee! I can't believe I was so unnerved by a pack of kids in my house. It must have been the fiber abuse that just pushed me over the edge. Last night was a family skate night for my oldest DD's school, so I packed up both girls and headed out to the skate deck. The youngest never wants to skate, but she was demanding to go. I was resigned to an evening of sitting around trying to entertain her. Surprise! Once we were there, she wanted to skate! The kids were all from school, but there was a couple of kids there from daycare as well, and one of them is my youngest's best buddy. This little girl was skating, so we had someone for the youngest to skate with (someone the same speed). It was so cute and I was so proud of her for trying! I felt kind of like I did when she started walking. So proud of her for trying, proud of her succeeding and a little wistful that she's hit another sort of milestone. Next fall she starts kindergarden and it is going to do me in, I have no doubts about it. Still, it was fun and she had a blast.

The oldest was learning some new tricks, circles and skating backwards. (The fiber-hating kids were there with their mom, and she was helping my oldest try new things.) She was doing a great job, the mom is a patient and good teacher, but she did fall a few times and managed to sprain her wrist. It hurt bad enough that we had to leave early, so it must have really hurt. We got her home, iced, Motrin-ed and found the Ace bandage for this morning. I wrapped her up before I left daycare, but told her she didn't have to wear it if she didn't want to. Poor bunny, she was really offended that she could get so hurt when having fun. She can wiggle her fingers and move her hand okay, it is only if she puts weight on her wrist that it hurts. I'm sure she'll be healed in no time. Kids have a magical way of getting well faster than a grown-up would.

Finally got some knitting done on the sweater again. I'm really pleased with my progress, for the most part. It'd be nice if I could remember that the increases occur every other row instead of every row. Or, more specifically, if I would remember to check which row I'm on before I start the next one. It does slow down the progress if I knit a row, rip a row and then re-knit it without the increases. Oh well, I'm just happy to be knitting really. And making progress. I've got about two more increase rows before I get to the next change in the pattern. Sorry, I'm not sure what comes next and I'm too lazy to go rummage for the pattern right now. I'll tell you when I get there. The suspence will be good for us. LOL I should make it today at lunch, barring the whole knit, rip, knit thing I've been up to. Right now? I'm on it, so maybe I'll get it right.

Did I mention that I flipped out and ordered the Knit Picks Options set? Hmm. I wasn't hiding it from you, really. Nope. I'm all about the honesty. I decided that I'm tired of running out for just one needle, because the pattern(whatever pattern that might be) always calls for the one I don't have, whether it is the needle size or the cable length. Mind you, I don't need anything for my current project (at least, I don't think so), but I'd like to be prepared for future projects. Sounds convincing, doesn't it? Also, I was thinking about swatching more responsibly if I'm going to do that great honking cardigan for DH. The gauge had better be right and so I'd better have a good selection of needles to choose from when I get ready to swatch it. That sounds even more convincing, right? Anyway, I'm waiting a bit anxiously for them to arrive. It could be any day now. I also picked up a book. I think it is Romantic Knits, a bunch of Rowan patterns. I love the look of them. I think they'll be a bit inspirational even if I don't knit them up, so well worth it to me. I don't subscribe to Rowan, so I don't have issues with duplicate patterns in my stash. I do like Rowan, at least some of it, but when they go wacky, boy, they go waaaaay out there. A bit pricey for random wacky right now, but maybe I'll knit all of my stash and get adventurous. Heeeeeeeeeheeeeeheeeee.

Oy. I feel better now.

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