Thursday, May 10, 2007

Weeding, or is it pruning?

You know, I really need to get out in my yard and do some weeding. My flower beds are mostly weeds and my poor tulips are looking pretty sad. I suspect, however, that by the time I get them weeded, all of the tulips will be gone. Oh well. Better luck next year. It's just that we're having such lovley weather lately I feel compelled to do something other than just mow the lawn. (Besides, if I'm weeding, I'll know who is in my house & I won't likely need to shower so no chance of repeating that disaster. LOL)

I've been doing a bit of weeding at work too. Or maybe it is pruning, I can't decide. I've fired three students since last Monday. I feel like I'm on a roll. They all deserved to go. Two of them kept lying to me about why they needed to miss shifts, one was told flat out he could not miss a certain shift and did it anyway. The same two also did not do any work when they were here, and were warned that their jobs were on the line. They were easy fires. The other girl was new and was trying sooooooo hard, but she just didn't get it. The only thing she could do was shelve, and even then, if she had to shift books to make room, she couldn't manage it. (She would just move books around all out of order.) Four days in a row she retrieved books from the book return and shelved them without checking them in at all. Every day we found out after the fact, had long discussions about exactly (in detail) why this was a BAD THING, and the next day - she did it again. Four days in a row. There were many, MANY other things that she was not learning either and I suppose I honestly didn't fire her so much as we agreed that it just wasn't working out. Still, three people gone in a week. And we're still short-staffed.

I've already hired replacements for the critical shifts, we'll see if I need more. My remaining students were grousing about something yesterday and I said "You know, I could fire four people in a week if you're really unhappy here. I'm on a roll." (I said it with a smile.) They all smiled and said "No, we're good." and moved on. I am on a bit of a roll, so hopefully the ones I've kept, who are actually all good workers, will not start mis-behaving. I might actually go crazy. LOL Off with their heads!

I continue to work on lots of job applications for myself. Something will turn up! Eventually.

I did notice that I was knitting at a pretty high speed yesterday at lunch. Power Knitting, must be the high stress I was feeling yesterday. Then again, it might just be because I don't have to remember if I'm on a knit row or an increase row. Either way, I was happy with the number of rows I cranked out in an hour. If I can just maintain the pace, I'll be wearing the sweater before the summer is over. Well, Summer somewhere. They can be a bit short here in the Northwest. It feels like it isn't getting any more "done", but then I'm knitting in the round, so I keep reminding myself that it doesn't show progress the way it would if I were knitting the back and front seperately. Right? >sigh<

I really want to finish this and move to the next thing. I'm rather jealous of all the folks who are able to complete so many projects and move on. I wonder where they find all that time to knit? Or do they just knit faster than me? Or...? LOL I can really drive myself crazy over unimportant things. Again, stress. All the pressure at work makes me feel pressure (or create pressure) in places where it doesn't really exist. Bad habit, or maybe just human nature. That's okay. I am making progress on this sweater and I will not be side-tracked by all of the other projects calling my name. I won't. Really. Convinced? Yeah. Me neither. LOL


Daisy said...

I'm intrigued - I'm off to find out why a "garden" to me is a "yard" in the US, Canada and a few other places!
Wow, you're on a roll at work - but I know what you meant about feeling like not getting much knitting done - it drives me mad!

Quail Hill Knits said...

It is so wasy for the yard to get away. I thnk that it has a lot to do with work....when things are going badly at the workplace we spend extra hours there, resulting in less time at home. Somtimes I feel as though I just not accomplishing anything. I hope that things get better for you and that the knitting helps with the stress.