Tuesday, May 08, 2007


The Bunny Formerly Known As Evil (I think now she is known as Sparkle, but I could be behind on the naming thing) is modeling the progress on my sweater. It isn't a particularly good shot, but it was too hard to manage one-handed and I was trying to show the sleeves. Well, actually, the spot where sleeves will go. This sweater is top down, and I have just put the sleeve bits on waste yarn and joined the under-arm area (3 rows done on that). Now it is just plain stockinette for another 14-1/2 inches or so to total 21. I'm not sure how many inches already have been done from the shoulder, but I don't see any real need to hurry up and get that measured. I'm not currently in any danger of exceeding the length of the sweater. LOL It is nice to know I'm past the thinking part for now. At least I think it is nice now, a week or so down the road I may feel the need for thought. I had a heck of a time getting the sleeves off & so forth while I was watching TV. I actually had to pause my show it to read the directions through twice so as not to mess it all up. Anyway, I'm pleased, but it seems a bit small. I'm sure it is being all squished onto the circs, when I put it on over my head, it seems fine (up to the part where the needles pull it in, that is).

I also thought I'd share the other part of the Wild Pack of Kids in the House that happened on Saturday. After being trapped in the loo with no clothes and a house full of strange kids, including the Fiber-Hating ones, we did manage to get them all out fairly quickly. Essentially the Fiber-Hating kids had to leave to go to the store with their mom & the others cleared out with them. There was a great sigh of relief from me, I can tell you. DH and I have been discussing some sane House Rules for having the neighborhood kids in the house, among them - not trapping a naked, wet spouse in the hall bathroom, and also including no computer games for anyone while they are all in our house. I discovered another rule to be added a bit later.
I was able to spend part of Friday night spinning up bobbin two of my Northern Lights roving and got started on bobbin three. So, my wheel was out in the floor in the living room with a bit of fiber on it when the Pack arrived in my house (with me in the shower). DH went downstairs once the kids were all inside, so he was not paying the least bit of attention to what was happening upstairs, but perhaps that whole trapped naked thing covers that part well enough. Any-hoo, when I sat down to spin some more Saturday night, I found that someone had been playing with my wheel and had really messed up the remaining bit of fiber hanging off the end and had spun a bit off of the bobbin (going counter-clockwise) and then put it back on, etc. In short, there was about three feet of messed up single/fiber stuff.

My girls, bless them once again, were horrified that someone touched my fiber and my wheel without asking. They were really upset that someone messed up my yarn and my fiber. It was crazy, I hardly even said anything out loud (too upset to articulate I think - you know still reeling from the naked thing) and both of the girls were apologizing for not stopping their friends from messing with my stuff. So very sweet. I thanked them for being concerned and assured them that it wasn't their fault and they were not responsible for what their friends had done when they weren't in the room. DH, however, got a bit of a look and the girls told him he was in the doghouse for letting it happen. So, another rule and another learning lesson for me: Even if it is more convenient, I can't leave the wheel out on weekends in the event the Ravening Hoard shows up at the house unannounced or in my absence.

I was able to fix it all, after about half an hour of what would have been spinning time. Then I went on to spin, and let the girls treadle the wheel for a while. It all worked out, but man! It is such a big change to have the kids be so social.

I'll leave you with a couple of images from work. The ALA has celebrity posters promoting reading that they sell. Several years ago, our library bought some of these and one of them was Fabio. Since I've been moved into the front office, I decided to hang him up so that he can be seen looking into my door (or looking out of my door, as the case may be). Some of my students thought it would be fun to dress him up for the holidays. So far, he has had a Santa hat

and then the bunny ears and tail

and now For Mom...
Sorry, the last one hasn't been cropped, but he has a big bouquet of flowers and a sign that says Happy Mother's Day. I'll try to get a better shot of that one. My only restriction on dress is that it not be too suggestive, so I don't get hammered for inappropriate displays in my office. The disco ball is from a colleague who now lives in Israel.

Yep. My office = PARTY.

The men I work with HATE him with a passion. It seems to be primal. Seriously. There are a few who don't and see the fun (and yes, most of them are straight). All the women seem to find it fun, except the ones who are over-sensitive to what them men might think. What's the big deal? He is fully clothed, he is promoting reading. There's nothing going on here, move along.

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