Monday, February 05, 2007

Caelie knitting

I'm back! I've been really busy at work, info literacy tours in the library and hiring new folk, then training new folk, then hiring another one (I hired two, one never showed up, so I had to hire another one), getting caught up on stuff for the end of last quarter, trying to stay on track with stuff for this quarter. Jeesh! Then there's all the stuff at home that's keeping me busy. I simply haven't had much time for blogging stuff. Sorry.

School was crazy busy the past two weeks, the library was packed and really full of people. Which is a good thing, it just kept us all hopping since we're short staffed. I'm glad to be past the rush though, I've got to get new people trained & it is hard to do with the library packed full of people. Bad librarian! Wishing for fewer patrons. Well, just for a week or so, then it can fill up again.

We went to a caelie this weekend. Friends of ours had a caelie for their daughter's 3rd birthday. It was pretty awesome. There were about 15 or so musicians around the room, most of them trading instuments as they went. We even had a piper (fireside pipes, the "quiet" ones)which was so cool. I LOVE PIPES! The music ran non-stop from about 7:00 until midnight. It was actually an early night, but that was fine with me! We had two people who did some Scottish dancing as well, and a couple of singers jumped in. It was quite an event, all in all, and everyone had a great time.

I didn't jump in with the musicians/singers, but I pulled out my knitting and sat near the piper. I was joined by another knitter, and two other ladies who also knit came by to chat and see what I was up to. That was an unexpected bonus for me. I've joined the fingers on the gloves - yes, following the instructions does make for a better join than the last ones! - and they are going quite well. I'd like to finish them in the next two weeks, which seems like a long time, but I know I'm going to be so busy I'll be lucky to get 3 hours/week knitting time right now. I'd keep my fingers crossed, but then I couldn't knit. I've been thinking about knitting only from my stash this year, or at least for the next 6 months, but more on that next time. The result of my thinking, however, is that I'm really anxious to move on to some other projects. Really, if the yarn has been waiting for the past year, I think it can wait another few weeks. Right?

The kids ran around and had fun making Sleepytime Pals. The Sleepytime Pals are stuffed animals that the kids filled with flaxseed and essential oils, the animals were sewed shut and they can be zapped in the microwave to warm them up. So, a nice warm snuggly animal to sleep with at night. My oldest made a big cat that has yet to be named. My youngest made a big floppy-eared bunny that she has named Evil. Here's the conversation on this one.

4-yo: You wanna know what I named my bunny?
Me: Yes, sweetie, what'd you name your bunny?
4-yo: Evil
Me: Evil?
4-yo: Evil
Me: Um. Okay. Why did you name your bunny Evil?
4-yo: I like it.
Me: Okay.
4-yo: Nobody told me to. I just like it.
Me: Okaaaaaay.

Now. The part that bugs me most is the immediate jump to "nobody told me to". That was a spontaneous addition that was not prompted, nor is it common to her pattern of speech. She is, however, a bit quirky like her mom. So, I'll keep a watch out for pea soup and head spinning and wait and see if the bunny has a different name later this week. That's usually what happens with all the others, a name change every day. With my luck, this will be the one that sticks.

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Dharmafey said...

Hee Hee! That sounds like something my son would do. He has spent the last two days mixing potions in two imaginary beakers in his hands and turning into Mr. Hyde.