Monday, January 22, 2007

Spinning right along

*dubby-dum dubby-dum* footloose and fancy free. Getting there is half the fun, come share it with me. Yeah. Okay, Muppet Movie soundtrack off now. Of course, I'll have that song (their version, not mine) in my head all day now. Maybe even all week. Sorry, it couldn't be helped.

That is pretty much what I've been up to all weekend. Spinning. I'm trying to get the hang of mohair top. I learned on Romney and that is all I've done. I felt like I got the feel of Romney, though to be fair, I don't have many uses for Romney. It is a bit coarse for my tastes, though it does have its uses, make no mistake. I'm VERY sensitive to the scratchy wool thing, though, which is one of the things I had to overcome with knitting. Learning that there are actually soft, NON-scratchy wools. Who knew? LOL Anyway, mohair certainly is different and since I am doing this on my own, unsupervised if you will, I am feeling pretty insecure about it. I don't have any friends who spin, although I belong to a mailing list for spinners. If I can ever get caught up on my email, I'll ask them for support. (Note to self: get caught up on email!)

I'm working on this lovely bit of roving called Northern Lights that I got from Pacific Wool and Fiber. I also got the Ruby Red (not in my picture, just mentioned in a previous post) from them as well. I love the feel of it all, it is just different to spin. This colorway is really lovely; black, brown, turquoise, bits of purple, blue and even white/cream. It isn't what I thought it would be (the website didn't have a photo of it when I ordered it), but I do like it. I'll probably use the Northern Lights for some socks. The Ruby is set for a bag for my grandmother, although, I love the color so much, I might have to a) get more for me or, b) find a different red for her. I'm thinking choice A at this point. It is a really nice shade for me, a nice blue undertone. Since I'm so pale (skin and all that white hair), I'm very picky about reds. Well, colors in general, but that is a whole different rant. Trust me, I've got a serious color rant. LOL

Anyway, we had a fairly quiet weekend. The girls are sort of sniffly, and I thought it a good idea to keep things low-key this weekend. I recaulked the bathtub, woo-hoo (not, but there was a leaky spot), and generally washed everything that could be washed (dishes, clothes, car, etc.) Since our New Plan of more eating at home, I've been planning menus (a first for me) by the week. The kids refuse to eat most of it, which makes me feel great, especially since Himself works late more nights than he is home. So I'm the only one making a dent in the food that is taking so much of my time to make. What I'm trying to say is, we had a left-over sort of weekend as well. Mind you, I enjoy cooking, I'd just like an appreciative audience. I admit, the 6 year old tries it all and eats some of it, it is the 4 year old who is the problem. And well, she's 4. I think that 4 = problem child, at least when it comes to food.

School is back in full-swing. Now that the snow and ice has moved on, no more late starts (which were very nice for me) and no more snow days (the public schools are all frantically trying to work out make-up days). I'm back in my regular routine of Information Literacy tours for classes and also trying to hire two new student employees. Today. I've got 8 solid applicants, which means I have to sift primarily by schedule availablity. I hate it when it comes down to that. Oh well, then I have the fun of training to look forward to. Maybe just some pointy sticks in my eye instead. No? Well, in my hand maybe. That should take the edge off.

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