Thursday, February 22, 2007

My list

Okay, here's my list of projects for my de-stashing. I'll jump in on these just as soon as I finish my current project (Knucks). I'm feeling pretty anxious to get started on the list, so I'm really ready to be done with these gloves, like, yesterday.

1. Alien scarf in Stitch ‘n Bitch (shadow knitting), done in purple & black rather than green &
black like the book. – gift
2. Cardigan for DH in Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool (025 flax), pattern from Rowan Vintage Knits
3. Matching scarves in a fingering weight blue alpaca – gift, no pattern yet
4. Another pair of Knucks – Rowan Wool Cotton - gift
5. Summer sweater (for me) in Berroco Softwist (9436 American Blue) – still looking for the
“perfect” pattern
6. Socks – about 7 or 8 pairs (based on how much yarn is in my stash, I could use it for
something else, but I do want most of the yarn to get knit up this year)
7. Sweater for youngest DD, Katia Jamaica yarn (colorway 4005, selected by DD)
8. Shawls from various ladder yarns – at least two, gifts
9. Fingering weight alpaca from Bolivia – need two projects for about 1500 yds each (I have 17.1
oz of each color & NO, the colors will not go together)
10. Washrags (or something) with piles & piles of Peaches & Cr̬me yarn Рgifts, me, the cats,
strangers on the street...
11. 11 balls of Moda Dea Aerie yarn in black, need a project for this leftover yarn - gift
12. Jayne Hat (Firefly) – me!
13. Scarves and maybe hats for the girls in various novelty yarns. This includes: purple & silver
(1), blue & silver (1), varigated purple eyelash (2), blue & silver eyelash (1) (a different yarn
than the first), grey/green & silver eyelash (1)
14. Not quite de-stashing on the yarn side, but on the fiber side. Ruby Red Merino top spun to
make a French Market Bag - gift.

I confess I added the last one in to avoid having 13, how silly is that. Still it is a project on my list for the year if only because I'm having a hard time getting spinning time in and this will motivate me to make time. Also, I'm looking forward to making something with the yarn I've spun and this will be a great project to start with (I think).

The order above is not necessarily the order I'll work in, I'll probably just go with what feels right at the time (what I need to work on, need a break from, etc.). I hope to work on one project at a time and finish each before moving on. I think I am much more likely to finish everything (whenever that happens) if I limit myself to the number of items going at a time. HOWEVER, I will do whatever it takes to make progress, so if a project starts bogging me down, I'll try something else to keep me going. Also, socks and washrags are pretty darned portable, so they can travel much more easily than, say, a cardigan. They can also provide a small break in a larger project, so I might just keep one small project going with these items and work on a bigger item at the same time. (Well, heck, that makes two projects at a time.) If necessary, I will leave the bigger projects at home and work on smaller ones while out and about. I hope that for the most part, I'll be able to work on the big projects at work since that is the most consistent knitting time I get in during the week.

Well, hmmm. What I'm getting out of this is that I have a lot of HOPE and maybe that will get me through my stash. :) We'll see how it goes.

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