Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Borg ate my photos

Well, not really, but they are preventing them from getting posted. Sorry about that. See, my DH works for the borg, or perhaps I should just say he has been assimilated into the collective. So when the borg released their new OS (Vista) he rushed right out and got a copy along with the new Office update. I asked him nicely to wait 6 months or so before updating our system, you know, let others boldly go (since I'm abusing the whole Star Trek thing anyway). Nope. Nothing doing. He had previously backed everything up "just in case" and so the new stuff was installed.

Let me state clearly and for the record that I actually like Vista so far, and the updates to Office that I have had occasion to use are pretty rockin. Really. I DO like them (and no one is holding a gun or other apparati to my head, notice I'm still using the pronoun "I", so I have not been assimilated). However, and you know this was coming, there have been some "issues" to work out. Please, let me share.

1. You remember my new Zune (which also totally rocks!)? Yep. Those suckers were released how long ago? Uh-huh. Yeah. Not particularly compatible with Vista. Impossible you say? Right. I had to reinstall my Zune software and when I plugged it in to synch it, it wiped everything on my Zune. Since everything was backed up in my files I could reinstall it, but it did wipe out all of the pre-programmed videos & stuff that came on the Zune. Lame. Also, my podcatcher was not compatible with Vista so I had to go find another one that would work. That took some time, and until I got one that worked properly I had to individually download every file I wanted to listen to. No prob, 'cause I have copious amounts of spare time. Right?

My question to my in-home borg representative: How is it possible to release two big items in such a short period of time and have them FAIL TO BE FULLY COMPATIBLE? Seriously. No wonder people go running into the arms of The Other Collective. Jinkies. I would feel much better if I knew Someone (whomever that might be) was in big trouble for dropping the ball on that one.

2. The driver for my digital camera does not recognize Vista (or vice versa) and so I can't remove the pictures I've been taking. Neat, huh? I can probably download them onto a different computer (DH only updated the one I use) and them copy them to the computer I use. This will have to wait until I have some more time. Until it gets worked out though, no pictures.

Sorry. I've been putting off posting until I could update some photos, but I think I won't keep waiting, I'll just promise to take pictures and get them up asap.

My knitting has been almost as good as the updates. I joined the thumbs on the Knucks and proceeded to knit several rows without reading the instructions. You know, because I made these once before and even though I've never knit any other gloves I MUST know what I'm doing. Right? Yeah.

I forgot to do the decreases that follow the joining. I am not ripping, however, it was two or three rows. I'm taking the chance that 2-3 rows will not make a significant difference in the glove and I'm just moving forward. I know this might be a mistake, but (1) I really want to get them finished, (2) I've already woven in the thread for the thumb join, and (3)I can always make him another pair if it really does look weird. DH is getting a bit snarky about how long it is taking. He does not seem to remember the thing about the gift horse and the mouth. Oh wait, does that make me the horse? He probably shouldn't look at the other end either. LOL Anyway, I'm also really anxious to work on something else. I still like the pattern, but I'm hankering to work with different yarn or something. Soon my precious... (insert image of me petting my stash with glazed look on my face)

I'm still trying to put together my List of Stash Projects and put them in some sort of order so I can get to work when I finally finish the Knucks. Wish me luck... Once I get my list together I'll post it to help keep me honest.

Lastly, thanks to the folks who have taken the time to leave comments and offer helpful suggestions on how to add the ring button. As soon as I get the chance I'll give your instructions a try. I was attempting something slightly different and it didn't work, so hopefully your instructions will do the trick. Thank you so much!

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