Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Book extravaganza

...or something like it. From time to time, my DH sends me a list of books that he wants but, for whatever reason, he is unable to order for himself. I'm not sure why this is, but perhaps he feels that since I do acqusitions at my library I can't wait to do them at home as well. Who knows? Anyway, This latest round of book orders pushed me over the edge a bit. I've been trying to avoid buying new yarn (yes, don't remind me about the Mountain Colors over the weekend), so I seem to need to buy books to compensate. I don't think I'm alone in this. Right? Three Elizabeth Zimmerman books later... when will I find time to read these?! Ack! I am comforted by the fact that these books are all staples for any knitting library (and they were used). They will be waiting when I am ready, I guess. That'll teach the man to leave me in charge of home book acquisitions. LOL

I found out yesterday that Jim Butcher will be coming to Seattle for a book signing on April 3. I am SO EXCITED! I met Jim and his lovely wife Shannon (a new author - romance) once before. They are very nice people. Jim writes fantasy/urban fantasy (depending upon the series) and is an awesome writer and a very nice guy. He also has had the good fortune to have his Dresden Files book series made into a TV series on the Sci-Fi channel. The TV series is based on the books, so it isn't a re-tread of every plot (not that I think that would be bad), and the episodes are well written and very, very good. I've been a happy camper the past few weeks watching my favorite characters come to life & having my uber-geeky fan moments. In fact, I've probably written about Jim before, but since I'm a fan, well, just give it up and read the books!

You can take the librarian out of the library... LOL Thus endeth the book pimping for today.

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