Monday, March 05, 2007

Snow day & one project down

Last Wednesday it took me over 3 hours to make it home after work. This trip is usually (on a good day) between 40 minutes and 75 minutes long (Fridays always take longer). Fortunately for me, I had a big pile of podcasts on my Zune, and a full battery, so I was good to, um, sit. The reason? Well, we had a bit of snow.
The forecast said we had a pretty decent chance of snow on Thursday, but, well, we all know about weather forecasting, right? It started snowing some time in the afternoon, but I was unaware of it until I left work. There were a few scattered flakes in the downtown area, but no indication of what was waiting for me further north. When all was said and done, I made it home to about 4-5 inches of snow. I was just glad to make it home, past all of the folks who got stuck and ended up on the side of the road. Thursday morning looked like the picture and I think we had an easy 6+ inches of snow. The day was nice and sunny and warm, so the streets were clear by the evening, and the kids had a beautiful day in which to build a snowman army (scattered throughout the neighborhood). I got a day off. None of my coworkers live in an area that got snow, so it was just me. I love the weird wacky weather of Seattle!

I thought I'd get time for spinning and knitting. Um. No. It was a strange day off, & I was glad to have it, but I accomplished nothing & I can't really explain how that happened. Sad, really, but the kids had fun, DH worked from home and I think I spent my time feeding the 4 y.o. ALL DAY. (I have no idea where she puts it all!) The snow was pretty though.

This weekend I finally finished the Knucks!

I used the Rowan Felted Tweed in colorway 141 for these. I cannot tell you how delighted I am to have these little gems off of my needles! It isn't that they aren't a fun knit, because I really think they are, but this was the second pair in a row (in only slightly different colors) and I made some really stupid mistakes on this pair. I had the fingers all off, so I decided I'd just hem them up. That seems to have worked out, DH likes the way the edge looks much better with them turned under, and they are not too tight. So. He wore them to work today and practiced his flute with them last night. I'm just glad he likes them, he is wearing them and they are done.

My next project is... finishing the darned socks. (puns anyone?) No, really. I mean it this time. Well, I plan to finish the first sock and hope I'll be inspired enough to want to do the second sock as well. Once I switched to the two circ method, the sock went really quickly. I've just had to ignore it while I worked on gifts. Now that I'm done with gifts, well, anything that needed to be done now, I can take the time to work on things for me and, more importantly, things on my Stash List. So, I'll start up the socks and then make a decision about the sweater pattern for the blue Softwist yarn. If I manage to do this, I might just get the sweater done in time to wear it this year. Wow, what a concept. LOL

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