Monday, March 12, 2007

Knitting & fever

Not to be confused with Knitting Fever, but knitting with a fever. Apparently I don't knit well while sick. I think it is the fever, I'm restless & want to do something, but once I'm trying to concentrate on a task, I just can't do it. Lame. My youngest got sick last Friday with a fever and congestion, my concern was that it was the 5-Day Fever virus (congestion, headaches, spiking fever for 5 days). Saturday, I was sick and confirmed the virus. Interesting thing with 4 year olds, even while running a 102 fever, they will still proclaim themselves to be "just fine" and "not sick". Even as they cough their blessed little heads off and struggle to breathe through their blocked sinuses, they are not sick. Really. Hmmm. If only the germs didn't spread anyway.

So, Now here I am home with the 4 year old, I guess she's on day 4 now, and I'm on day 3. I was feeling pretty cocky yesterday. I believe my exact words were: "This isn't so bad, I'm not really having the bad headaches and the fever has been pretty mild. If this is all it is, I"ll be fine and get some stuff done around the house." An hour later, the Virus Freight Train ran over me. Repeatedly. Headache - check. Fever that just won't go away - check. Congestion - check. Feeling pretty miserable - double check. That'll teach me to get all cocky about how I can handle the virus that is wiping out folks left and right up here. Really, why should I be different? Some nice hot TheraFlu got me off to a great start this morning, however, so right now I'm fine & wacked out on drugs. Better living through chemistry, that's what I'm talking about! I am glad, however, that my oldest and DH have not yet succumbed to this virus. I really hope they both manage to miss out on this opportunity. It hardly seems likely though, does it? Anyway, I'll live with the (probably misplaced) optimism that they are going to miss the virus.

Today is my oldest dd birthday, she is 7 years old today. I can hardly believe it. I also have to register my youngest for kindergarten today (if the drugs hold out, I'll get this done). I'm feeling pretty sad that I'm spending her birthday sick, but since we're not planning to do her birthday party until the 24th, I guess it is okay. I'm taking cupcakes to her school today and she is so excited, she could hardly sleep last night. She told me that when she woke up today her feet would grow (for her birthday). I have no idea where that came from, but okay. She is totally jazzed at being 7. This girl is a sweet, loving, thoughtful delight and we are so blessed to have her in our lives. Happy Birthday my Sweet Monkey!

Fiber news. Well, as I said above, I don't do well knitting while sick. I wonder if it is just me, or if this is true for others as well. It is a darned shame since I am losing some long hours of knitting time I normally don't have. Maybe as I lose the fever I will feel more like knitting. I keep trying, just in case. However, I did put my time to good use yesterday. I wound up some sock yarn and my youngest wanted to pose with it. The lighter pink yarn is Lisa Souza in Violet's Pink Ribbon colorway. The green yarn is Lisa Souza in Emerald City and the darker on is the Mountain Colors Barefoot in Obsidian that I bought a few weeks ago.

Here's another shot of the Mountain Barefoot. I'm having a hard time picking up the colors. Black, red and a bit of dark green.Well, later I might try some knitting, again and if that isn't working maybe some spinning. Mom's don't really get to rest and recover unless they are exceptionally ill (like when I had pneumonia last November). If I have to be up feeding and watering my youngest DD to keep her healthy, I might as well find something I can do so I don't feel like I'm wasting time being sick. Hmm. Why is it that I can't just be sick and take it easy? Ah well, there are quite a few books in my pile to read, that would be an excellent choice too. We'll see how it goes, eh?

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