Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Off to a good start

Well, mostly anyway. I've made a good deal of progress on my blue sweater project, about 4 inches of progress. I'm very excited about the progress I'm making and I love the feel of this yarn! I still have that niggling worry that it isn't The Right Sweater Pattern, but I really do like the pattern and I know I'll relax better once the sweater is all finished. I think I've just built up a crazy amount of anxiety about this sweater, for some reason, and feel some unreasonable need for perfection on this project. Ha! That isn't going to happen. I mean, it's a sweater. Lots of stitches and lots of room for "creative variation" on the project, right?

I've already dropped some stitches, these metal needles are really slippery with this yarn. I picked them up without any trouble, but I failed to count before replacing the stitch marker. I thought I knew where it went. It never even occurred to me to count. I was off by one stitch. The thing is, I can't remember now if I had already done the increases before I dropped the stitches or after I dropped the stitches. I figured it out after one row, I randomly decided I should count all the stitches and make sure I hadn't messed anything up. Good thing I checked, I was off. There was a moment when I thought I was off for the whole row, then I figured out it was just my stitch marker placement. That was easy enough, but then I began worrying about which came first, the dropped stitches or the marker move? I decided to just keep knitting and see how it looked after another row of increases. I've looked as carefully as I know how and I just can't see a problem. I'm worried there is a problem, of course, because, you know, that's more fun. Right? Uh-huh. I have convinced myself (99%) that if I can't see a goof, it either isn't there, or it doesn't matter. If I can't see it or find it, no one else will. Except maybe a master knitter. I don't know any master knitters. I'm probably safe. More importantly, I probably don't even have a problem with the stitches, just my head.

I'm not alone though, right? This is something some knitters struggle with all the time. It is the joy of the process, ripping is okay, and creative variations on a pattern are something to strive for. Right? I'm sure I'll stop twitching soon. I can barely remember what I have going on a daily basis, I'm sure by the time I finish the sweater I won't even remember what I did or where I did it. Maybe I'll do something even more interesting to wipe this from my memory altogether. Maybe I should just watch my caffeine intake a little more carefully...

The important thing is, I love how the yarn is feeling and looking (although it is still all splitty on the needles) and I am enjoying the pattern. I'm hoping I can keep up this rate of progress, overall, and then I'll finish it in time to wear it this year. It shouldn't take long, I just got stuck on it last year and don't want to do it again. I think this is where my anxiety is coming from on this one. I had big plans, got started and then stalled for a year. I want the sweater finished and on my back right now, so I'm stressing that I won't complete it again. I really need to go easier on myself. LOL

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