Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Is it really only Tuesday?

I don't know what is up, maybe I'm just fighting off a virus or something, but I am SO tired today. My husband is sort of sick (not bad enough to stay home, just obviously not well) and my co-librarian is sick (he is bad enough to stay home) , so it seems inevitable that I've encountered their germs. I had a lot of headaches last week and was a little stuffy, but that is all. I find it hard to believe that I've dodged this one. But if I have, I AM GRATEFUL! We'll see how the week works out.

On a related note, since I work in a college I am surrounded by students who, well, live like students. You know the diet: Red Bull, ramen and beer, oh and don't forget - no sleep. We've had a virus rolling through the school very slowly (that I've also managed to avoid), but I am constantly noticing a disturbingly large number of students who don't wash their hand in the bathroom. I cannot say "ICK" loudly enough. One of our local high schools actually shut down for a few days last week due to the fact that 1/3 of the student body was out with a virus. They shut the school down and disinfected the whole building. And people don't take the simple precaution to wash their hands. I think I need to say "ICK" again.

On a somewhat happier note (or at least mostly germ-free note), I'm almost ready to join the thumb on the Knucks. I'm a little disappointed in this pair as I'm getting a bit of a ladder where I jump from one circ to the other. It isn't bad, yet, and I'm working on ending it now, but I don't want to rippit. It is on the bit where the index finger goes down to join the thumb, so at least it isn't on a broad place in the knitting, but it stinks that it is there. The first pair of Knucks didn't do this, so I "know" what I did, but I don't know how I did it (if that makes sense). I thought I was being really careful. The finger join looks really good, but I also made the pinkie a bit too long for my taste. sigh. I don't think my husband will notice, which is good, but it bugs me that I fixed the things I did wrong the first time only to do things wrong now that I got right last time. Aaargh! That could be an argument for only doing things once, or else making a dozen of everything. LOL

On a seriously happier, happier note, I'm going to order some more KnitPicks Options needles. I don't want a whole set (not yet, anyway) since I typically prefer knitting with wooden needles, but I do want sizes 0-5 because I love these needles for socks (and gloves)! And maybe, just maybe, some patterns or, dare I say it, yarn? No. I must be strong. I'm knitting from stash this year.
Wish me luck!

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