Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Pink is the new something

Oh yes. Pink. You are looking at the newest member of our family Princess Diamond (That's what the 5 y.o. has decreed.) She lives in something call the Pink Princess Castle, and let me tell you, it is PINK. Excessively so, but then I'm not a young girl under 10. Mind you, I don't dislike pink, in general, but whoa. The main body of the cage is clear, so the poor thing isn't completely viewing life through rose colored plastic, but ouch. Here's another image of the whole cage.

The oldest is a bit grumpy as Princess was not waking up to play as she had hoped. They are very anxious to get the hamster out and running in the ball. I keep explaining that Princess needs some time to get used to us and her new home, but the 7 y.o. is not big on patience. She's learning. We were able to pet Princess in the cage, but we're not trying to pick her up yet. My oldest finally made peace with that idea. As long as she can touch her, even a little, she is okay. The youngest just wants her in the ball. Whatever. I'm just wondering what the heck we were thinking when we agreed to the hamster.

Himself is out of town at a conference in Minneapolis (Society for Technical Communicators), sounds nice and dweeby. He calls every night from an Irish pub because "they have free wireless and he can get dinner and work there." Sure honey, whatever works for you. LOL I think he's enjoying the break, but he misses his girls. They, however, don't talk on the phone well when there's a hamster in the room. They've really been missing their dad, though. The oldest has been really moody since he left. She forbids me to speak of him, it makes her sad. The youngest won't stop talking about him, it makes her feel better. As you can see, lots of fun keeping everyone happy. At least Princess is distracting them when we're home. It is pathetic really. He's only gone for four days, but we really just never go places except as a whole family, so it is a weird experience. Even when it was just the two of us, we just didn't travel alone. This year will be our 17th anniversary (October), so that is a long time to be always together. Eh. It would be less bothersome if it were just me. Think of all the knitting I could get done! The girls and I checked out Spiderman 3 on Sunday and made a huge batch of chocolate chip cookies. We saved a big glob of dough and we've made quite the event out of cookie dough and cookies and, well, Princess.

I have gotten a good bit of knitting done since last Friday. I weeded on Saturday and we went to my Mother's Day lunch (since Himself left on Sunday a.m.). Then some house cleaning (Himself did a fair bit on his own too) and then some lovely knitting. I had actually planned to get some spinning done on Sunday, but we had a busy day with the movie, cookies and hamster viewing, so no spinning. I'm down to the last bobbin on this fiber, and I'd really like to finish it up and ply it. I'm thinking maybe this weekend. I'd like to make a hat or something, but I don't know how much yarn I'll get from the 3 bobbins. I was thinking I might double ply it from a center pull ball to maximize the yardage. I'm afraid if I do it any other way, I'll lose yardage.

This will be my first attempt at a "real" yarn. All my other spinning was intended as practice with no real plan for anything except getting used to the fiber and wheel. This fiber was a bit of a practice run too, to let me get used to spinning merino, but I did want to do something with the finished project. Therefore, I'd really like to get the biggest bang (yardage) for my buck which would allow me to comfortably complete a useable project with the yarn. I thought a hat would be easiest, but I really don't know. I probably just won't know until it is all finished. I'm very excited and eager to get it done.

The sweater continues to grow somewhere between a 1/2 in or a little more each day. I don't want to set myself up for disappointment by trying to project when I should hit the 21-1/2 inch mark, I'll use that as a carrot when I start feeling bogged down. Right now, I'm happily chugging along on it. Like a hamster in a wheel...

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