Friday, May 25, 2007

Just a quickie

Hello! I can't believe I haven't been able to post for so long, but things are a bit chaotic. Since my last post:

1. the hamster got sick and had to go back to the pet store for treatment (we opted to wait for her recovery rather than get a new hamster). This takes 2-3 weeks.
2. oldest DD got strep throat (or a really nasty virus) Friday last, and we had a busy, busy weekend planned and her play was on Monday (she had the starring role)
3. my family (back in Texas) and some sort of meltdown across multiple areas of life and called me in panic mode - nothing inherently life threatening, but very complicated
4. work is a bit of a panic as well, lots of big-wigs coming through (not that anyone every introduces me to them) asking lots of questions & generally putting the pressure on the new director to look sharp - also, we're nearing the fiscal year and I've got spend, spend, spend on new materials here right at the last (I'm behind from all of the hiring/firing I've been doing)
5. we were supposed to have testing last night for Taekwondo, but oldest DD seems to have a different bug this week and spent the evening throwing up. Needless to say, we didn't make it to the testing and I'm not yet sure if she's better this morning or if there's more fun ahead
6. my very dear, but senior neighbor (the one who cut the branches off of my tree last year) seems to have decided that we belong to some freaky cult because my children don't know the sunday school songs protestant children seem to know (we're Orthodox Christians and my kids know different songs). It is annoying and frustrating to me, but hopefully now that he has expressed his concerns he will move on. That is probably too much to hope for, though.
7. birthday preparations for the youngest DD had to get done so that we can get them out to everyone. I wanted them out at the beginning of the week, they went out today. Oh well.

In knitting news, I've been plugging away at the blue sweater and I've been making some real progress. I'm easily halfway done now. I've decided that I'm going to move my live stitches onto some waste yarn and try it on. It looks like it is a bit small, but I know that might be because it is on circs, and they pull it in and make it look smaller than it is. Still, I'd like to reassure myself that the gauge swatch mattered and the thing will fit. I'd rather find out the truth now, while I can rip and correct part of the sweater, rather than find out after I've finished all the edges and there's no way I'm ripping anything.

Also, a former coworker who has moved away has gotten in touch and has been sharing some of her knitting successes. She is such a lovely lady and I've really enjoyed sharing knitting stories with her. It is such fun to see her progress and swap photos with her. She's really brightened my week this week.

I'll try to have a better knitting related post next week, with pictures, have a good weekend!

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