Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sure Happy It's Thursday

You can use the acronym if you like. LOL When I was in college me and my best friends had a Sure Happy It's Thursday party every week. It usually involved Bacardi 151, Coca-Cola and lots of music. It was a girl's night, although from time to time we did invite friends who were guys, but never, ever boyfriends. It was a night for getting some degree of drunk, talking about whatever had pissed us off recently, planning for the weekend and just general girl talk. The poor male friends were often given an insight into women's brains that they found horribly fascinating, and we possibly scarred them for life, but hey, they were consenting adults (more or less). We occasionally used the gathering to scare off guys who just wouldn't get lost by being even more weird than they were. College girls in packs can be dangerous. We went on to form our own anti-sorority sorority, legal and everything. Go figure. Sadly, I can only track down about two of the ladies, but given the chance we'd still have a Thursday party. I could really use one of those parties now, I think.

Work continues to be an "Issue". It will pass, hopefully right into a new job, but it will pass. I'm trying to balance life with job applications (they take a long time, don't they?) and I'm training four new student employees. Two of them don't look too promising, sadly, and because of our staffing issues, I don't have the usual amount of time to try to help them. I'm sorry to leave out non-librarians here (if I do), but how hard is it to understand call number order? Shelving is a lot of things, but rocket science it ain't. (Cataloging is different, but students aren't cataloging.) Sigh. Anyway, this promises to be a rough training session. Bad enough to have four new ones all at once, but to have two of them (who interviewed well, BTW) turn out to have so much trouble with the most basic part of their job? Ack!

Knitting is going to be crucial to my sanity now. No more mis-counting rows or whatever, I need fairly stress-free knitting. I'm dreaming about knitting again, so maybe that is theraputic too. Does anyone else do this? I dream a project and then I obsess about it. I must begin work on it immediately. I used to do this with sewing & costumes (whether or not I had occasion to wear said costume), I still do it a little, but now I do it with knitting. It will make it very hard to knit from stash if I start dreaming and obsessing about other projects. This last one involved Plymouth Baby Grande Alpaca and some other thing that I don't know the name of. I know where I saw it (6+ months ago!), but I wasn't excited about the store and I haven't been back. In fact, I'm not very interested in going back to the store, bad parking, out of the way location and weird store design, but three nights of dreaming about the project and I'm feeling the inexorable lure of a dream project. Hmmm. Is it okay to break from the stash busting stuff if I'm dreaming about a project? Especially if the project would be fast (hat and scarf)? I mean, given all the crazy in my life right now, maybe I'm dreaming of such a fast/simple project just because I need a fast and simple thing to do. Instant gratification. Then again, the obsession part of this adds some more stress. At least until I buy the yarn.

What do you think? Should I get my car keys and cash ready for a trip to the shop?

Stay tuned...

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Quail Hill Knits said...

Go for it! And yes, I also grab fast projects as a way to calm down and relax. There is something soothing about repeating a simple process and watching it grow row by row. It is theraputic. Best of all, a simple project like a hat and scarf does not have to break the bank and really doesn't need an expensive pattern.