Friday, April 13, 2007

My apologies

Wow, I can't believe how hard it has been to get anything written lately. I've started this post several times, but I haven't been able to finish it up and get it posted. I've decided to scrap most of the previous attempts and just go from today, otherwise I'll spend all my time trying to edit the other stuff and not write anything new. (Hey, it makes sense to me.)

Work has exploded again, and it is all crazy. This is where my time is going, and constant interruptions abound. Seriously. My junior colleague has been appointed permanent person in charge of the library without any discussion with those who've been working under him for the past 6 months, to see if he's the right person for the job. The whole deal was pretty shady if you ask me. The job should have been posted internally, it wasn't. The others working here should have been told they were ready to hire a permanent replacement for the postition, we weren't. He was simply announced. I told the dean that the other librarian and myself had grave concerns about his appointment and that these concerns involved his ability to do the job (he can't really even manage the one he was initially hired to do) and his temperment (hair-trigger temper and doesn't do well when questions are asked of him, no matter how you phrase the question). The response? "We never would have moved ahead with this if we'd known!" Well, duh! That's why you talk to the people being supervised before proceeding. Right? Another fun fact is that my newly appointed boss is a total tool of the previous psycho one, hand-picked and groomed to do what she wants with this place. Considering where she and I were when she left, it doesn't look like much fun for me with Jr., does it? Oh, he's fine. For now.

So I'm supposed to make a weekly report on progress and give my dean "six months to micro-manage him into a good director". Shee-ah. Right. Instead, I'm looking for a new job. I hate leaving my students, I love students! But, I can't keep doing this. It is obvious that they don't actually want to deal with issues in a responsible manner, they just keep putting people off hoping they will lose their energy to complain or just get complacent. They are losing 5 key faculty people in the next term, I'm talking seriously outstanding faculty beloved by students and peers, etc. Many of them are leaving for the similar reasons. Bah! I'm done. Nine years of my life, the last three have been increasingly unpleasant. They need some serious restructuring around here. It will come, they can't keep going much longer without it, but I'm not waiting around for it. I've waited as long as I care to.

Last week I hired four new student employees then learned that the other librarian (not the new boss) turned in her notice. Her last day is this weekend. So, instead of four professionals, we will have two AND, in case that isn't enough fun, we're down two students on her side of things. We are short staffed and goodness knows how long it will take to hire back up (at least two months to replace her, and longer to fill the new boss' old position). Joy. I'm just sort of hoping to add to the chaos. Perhaps The Powers That Be will respond to hardcore chaos (in a place of order). Then again, maybe not. Hopefully not my problem.

On to happier topics, and I'm sorry about the venting, but we all need it from time to time. I did my first movie knitting this weekend. I took my Neverending Sock to see Meet the Robinsons (in 3D) and got about 6 rows done. I only dropped one stitch, but it was easily repaired once I was home. I found it hard to watch a new movie and knit at the same time. Even stockinette. I'll probably take the Neverending Sock to the movies again, but I might not knit. (I mean, could you knit and watch Pirates 3 without hurting yourself, the people around you and destroying the project? I couldn't. And it would suck to put out my own eyes with Captain Jack Sparrow on screen.)

The blue sweater. Ah! Progress at last! I have passed the point (yarn wise) that I was when I ripped it all out. I have managed to keep all the stiches at the correct number, or maybe I've just learned to count now, and I'm very pleased to have gotten to a place where I'm making new headway again. I thought very briefly about taking this project to the movies, but then I thought about all the increases. Yep. Movie knitting is for garter stitch, or stockinette, not for increases, decreases or any other crazy thing I think up to try in the dark. LOL

I've been reading the Harlot's new book which is a fun read (of course). It isn't as bust-out-laughing funny as some of the others were (so far), but it is an interesting premise and it is fun to work through her analogy of knitting as place. I've been surprised to find myself fitting in as a more established resident rather than as a tourist in Knitting. I still feel like I'm too new to the whole thing, even after 4 years (or so) of knitting. I wonder if I'll ever feel like an experienced native? The humor is much appreciated, however, as I really need it in my life right now.

Knitting, laughing, and beer. I'm good.

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