Monday, April 23, 2007

Strange days

Seattle is an odd place when it comes to weather. Many of you may know that already, but in case you don't, well, just trust me on this one. I left home where there were scattered clouds, fog in the vally and sun coming up over the mountains (yes, quite beautiful). I get downtown and it is thick fog, grey sky (as far as I can tell through the fog) and just dismal looking. It does rather match my feelings regarding work, and I do like fog, but I was enjoying the sunshine. In fact, I had sunshine until I crossed the Ship Canal Bridge, then, zip, it was gone. Oh well, it still looks like a nice day out. The fog will lift. Eventually.

I started having lots of trouble sleeping last week. Starting on Tuesday, I kept waking up each night, unable to go back to sleep before the alarm went off for work (or only grabbing about 30 minutes before the alarm went off). Each night I woke up earlier and earlier, and lost more and more sleep. By Friday I was a bit of a basket case, all goofy from sleep deprivation and a bit jazzed on the behalf of my coworker who was leaving the (nightmare) job. I slept great all weekend long, but sure enough, last night I woke up at 2:30 am and didn't go back to sleep all night. It must be work related. Yet another reason to find a new job. Let the job hunt continue.

Knitting-wise, I got a fair number of rows done this weekend. Dare I say it? I made some progress. Sure, I'd like to see more, but at least I'm not ripping anything. I haven't made it out for the supplies for the dream project yet, but that'll probably happen later this week. I was hoping to do some spinning this weekend. That did not work out, I was too busy. I mowed the lawn on Saturday (I really don't mind doing it most of the time) and then Sunday I grilled some steaks. Desert was hot brownie with chocolate ice cream and optional strawberries. YUM. So, cooking and yardwork kept me from spinning. In the case of the lawn, however, well, that was way overdue. The weekends have been too busy or rainy and I just don't have time on a weekday. Anyway, I did work in some knitting time and that was good enough. We got some new Scooby-Doo DVDs (original series 3 & the a couple of What's New Scooby-Doo that we missed) and watched a few of those while I was knitting. I do need to go count my stitches, though, before I move ahead and make sure all is still well. Anyway, I put in a new picture (finally!) with my hand in it to show scale on where I am on the sweater, it is pretty much as long as my hand at this time. I'm hoping I've got a pattern going now and that I can keep the speed up. Guess we'll see.


Quail Hill Knits said...

msabThe sweater is making good progress. I like the dark blue color. I was having trouble sleeping recently and also had a headache off and on. I figured stress was the culprit but saw the Doc anyway. Instead I found out I had a sinus infection. The Doc prescribed antibiotics for 7 days and the insomia cleared up. If your sleep problem persists, get a check-up. Your insomia could have an organic cause.

Daisy said...

Hope you're sleeping better now. That happened to me when I was in a miserable job too. Bit of a nightmare at the time though, especially the cumulative effect by the end of the week!