Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Red Tuesday

I don't know why, just thought maybe this week should have a theme. We'll see how long that lasts. Today is an awesome and exciting day! <Insert Woo-Hoo type yell of your choice> Today is the book signing for Jim Butcher's new book AND I should get the new Katie MacAlister that I pre-ordered (from Author, Author!) with swag today too. Just call me a crazy, giddy fan geek! Seriously. My student employees have described my near-swooning as "cute" and at least one of them is considering showing up just to see if I get any more goofy. I guess that'll work so long as they don't bring a camera. (But I did!) Oh, and on the red thing, I'm wearing lots of red, so that's where that part came from. I even did my nails! LOL

My family are all acting like I'm abandoning them or something. So weird. DH is late often, either with work or with the band or church. No one notices much any more (sorry Honey, we love you, we're just used to it now.) I have maybe two days a year when I'm busy or late with something (maybe even taking a class - gasp!) and they all act like they've been abandoned without food or shelter. Perhaps I should do it more often so they get used to it. I used to take belly dance classes every week for about four years, and they were fine with that. I'm just too darned busy being Taxi-Mom to do anything else now. Maybe I'll work on it though...

The sweater continues and I am counting this time. So far, so good. It is really weird that I was so tweaked about the project before, but now that I've ripped it once, I'm all at peace with the darned thing (pattern, splitting, etc.). Perhaps it just gave me some perspective on the whole project/process. I'm liking the mellowness of it all (and no, I'm not on medication, remember the squeeing going on over the book signing?) and that is good. I haven't felt this good since the start of DH's gloves (that wore off by the end of that project I can tell you). So, I'm happy about that, but I'm also itching to get back to spinning too. Hmmm. I must have other chores that need to be done!

My MIL is coming for Pascha (Easter) weekend. We will be hugely busy with church stuff, but she's never been to an Orthodox Paschal service, so this should be interesting for her. She lives in Orlando, but is visiting her family in the San Francisco area for about a month. We couldn't go down there on such short notice (especially since we are very short staffed in the library these days!), so we brought her up. My oldest DD is on break from school, so she will have a nice visit with Grandma. I should be cleaning my house. I should be making a trip to the grocery store. No thanks! I'm going to a book signing AND since I have quite a few hours to kill between the time I get off of work and the signing, I get to go to my favorite LYS. AND I got my tax refund check yesterday... Life is looking really shiny today!

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