Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Here we go again...

Now I'll have that song stuck in my head all day. Oh well, only myself to blame this time. A few weeks ago, one of my student employees thought it was fun to keep making references to the song Mandy, so that everyone working at the time ended up having the song stuck in their heads. I was the only one who knew all the words, though. Ha!

A very busy weekend, more on that tomorrow maybe. My MIL was visiting from FL (on her way home after a family reunion in CA). That meant very little time with my knitting all weekend, which was too bad. I really needed some time with my yarn. Actually, what I wanted was time with my spinning wheel, but that was way too much hassle with the guest in the house. Especially as we spent a fair amount of time out doing things.

I did start a new ball-band washrag, however. I knit one up for my daughter's teacher as an end of year present (wrapped around a nice bar of specialty soap). I thought it would be a quick and simple thank-you gift. I had no idea it would be a flipping addiction! Busy enough to take a little thought from time to time, but simple enough to let my mind wander & watch TV/movies/etc. So, immediately following gifting the teacher I started stashing yarn for washclothes. -sigh- The worst part is that I keep trying to buy more. What is going on in my head?! Am I trying to help the world get clean? Jinkies!

I've spent the past three years trying to keep my yarn buying in control. I didn't want to have a stash larger than my project list, and I wanted my project list to remain managable, no more than 2 projects ahead of where I was currently working. Well, that's toast. I've got about four projects in mind and two on the needles (plus the current washrag). I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed & so I'm thinking about a yarn diet until I can get caught up again. It would move faster if I could get more knitting time in. I was trying to get some time in at the gym, though, and knitting time is usually the same time I have for the gym. It is hard enough to get me to go to the gym. If I have to give up knitting to do it... Well. You can see the problem.

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