Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Happy thoughts on a Wednesday morning

I guess I'm on the road to recovery after the tree incident. I've been working on a couple of things the past few days, but no real progress to speak of. We've been too busy in our house, and I'm too tired to spend much time knitting - or anything else for that matter.

I've got another washrag going, one for my youngest daughter. I only work on that at home or my oldest girl's Tae Kwon Do class. It is coming along, perhpas when I finish I'll get some pictures up just so you know I'm not making them up. Ha! I also work on my sock. Yes, still! But only at swimming lessons, so it is slow going. I'm nearing the heel, so I'm getting a little nervous, but I'm kind of excited too. I think the second sock will go faster. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I also dug up an old project of mine. When I started knitting a little more seriously, that is, when I decided to stop working my way chapter by chapter through Knitting for Dummies, I discovered that there was a knitting guild. I also found out that they had classes & I thought this might be a good way to improve my skills and have "someone" look at my work and tell me if I was doing it "right". I've kind of gotten over this need for approval, as it were, but since I've paid for the class I figure I ought to finish it. So, this week I dug out my instructions for the class and started trying to figure out where I left off & I'm trying to get that going again. Nothing but swatches in my future, but that's okay, I think I need some fast & fairly mindless knitting to ease me back into a bigger project.

Now I know, there is no "right" way, or more to the point, if my knitting does what I want it to, and I like the way it looks it is "right". I was much more insecure about what I was doing when I signed up for the class. I've read alot more since then, and I've finished two sweaters since then, so I've gained more confidence in my knitting. I still have a lot to learn, however, and the classes might help me try things I would otherwise avoid. So, I'm actually looking forward to completing th ones I signed up for over a year ago.

Also, I'm just in a place where I want to finish up my UFOs. I feel I'm starting to let my Yarn Acquisition get out of control & my project list is getting too long. I'm not crazy out of control, but I don't want to get there either. I know me, and if I get too buried under UFOs I'll just stop knitting and curl up in a corner somewhere, overwhelmed by the pressure to complete everything and use up all of the yarn. I have a thought that if I can just keep these projects from getting too out of hand, keep the UFOs from piling too deep, that I'll be able to knit happily for the rest of my life. Happy thoughts on a Wednesday morning.

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