Monday, August 14, 2006

FO and the weekend

So this weekend was super busy with a church family camp in Snoqualmie Pass. I agonized for several hours over which project(s) to take & finally decided to go with the things that were most portable. I took along my sock and my washrag, but I never even touched my sock.

The family got in a couple of hikes. One was into an old railroad tunnel that is about 2-1/4 miles long. The ties have all been taken up, and it is a popular place for hikers and bikers. In the winter the same trail serves as a cross-country ski trail. This is my second trip up to the pass & I managed to go to the same place twice! Weird. Anyway, we hiked into the tunnel but the girls got scared & we had to leave. They made it about 200 yards in, then we headed back out into the sunshine. Once outside we found that there were tadpoles and frogs in some water collecting in a ditch by the trail. They loved that much better than the tunnel and I took some pictures of the critters so the girls can remember their trip.

Next we hiked into a little ravine and followed a creek/river down to the lake bed. It seems the lake was down (maybe drained?) a bit, and we could go quite a distance that way. We headed back to camp for lunch & then drove out to swim in the lake later on. Personally, I'm all for pools, but the girls wanted to try it out. After sampling how very cold the lake was, they decided pools are better too. Of course, I think it might have been a scorching 67 degrees (F) outside, so not my idea outdoor swimming temp. I'll try to add pictures of the lake if any of the turn out. It is a weird setting, when the water is down there are all of these tree stumps (big ones) and it looks like a freaky alien planet or something. I always find it very interesting but almost creepy. I'm not sure that will come across in any of my photos though.

All of the time we spent indoors at the "lodge" I carried my knitting around with me. The other folks there seemed bemused, but let me be. I managed to finish a washcloth for my oldest DD literally just as we were ready to head back home. So, nice timing on my part. Now the youngest wants one. At least I have plenty of yarn! LOL However, during my lunch hours it is back to sock knitting for me. I'll save the next washrag for home, so the little one can see me working on her washrag. Thank goodness they don't know I'm knitting socks! I can just imagine the demands they'd be making then!

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