Monday, July 30, 2007

Something new

Well, I've cast on for a slinky shawl done in Eros Glitz color 115. I've had a few balls of this sitting around in my "well intentioned" part of the stash. Well intentioned = quick & easy gift for loved one I seldom get to see (which is pretty much all of them, really, since I live all the way across the country!). This one is actually intended for my great-aunt who will be 95 in late August. Dearest Nita moved from her home in SE Oklahoma to central Florida to be with her youngest daughter a few years ago. I've found it difficult coming up with a knitted item for central Florida, you know? I'm pretty sure she doesn't need wool socks (or even a sock!), or gloves or hats or scarves. This slinky shawl (pattern name from a LYS) seems like a nice compromise: hand made with lots of love, not impossible to wear in the muggy hot climate of Florida. I understand the evenings can be cool, but more importantly, I can't imagine that these types of shawls generate a huge amount of warmth. But she'll look snazzy! The many shades of blue in this will go beautifully with her eyes.

This whole Florida thing has actually kept me from knitting anything for my in-laws either. My family in Texas actually get a day or two of cold-to-cool weather each year. I really don't think the greater Orlando area experiences much in the way of "gosh! I could really use a scarf!" weather. I wonder if my brother-in-law would like one of these shawls... LOL

I spent the weekend spinning a bit and attempting to ply. I have a huge tangeled mess at the moment from plying from a center-pull ball. I wound some other skeins of yarn into balls, with my little helpers turning the crank. I did not pick up the blue sweater this weekend at all, other than to move it around. I need to finish up the sleeves & neck and then get to researching fixes for whatever ails this sweater. More on that as I get to it.

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Quail Hill Knits said...

I have the same dilemma for my aunt who lives in the Carribean. Shawls are a great gift for those who live in Florida and the Bahamas so your choice of project should work well. Also, lightweight lace socks are nice.