Friday, July 27, 2007

Belated Happy Blogaversary to Me!

Jinkies! How lame is that? I skated right past the date, 7/25. Oh well, I logged on, but got too busy to actually post anything. This week has just been weird that way.

Hmm. Well, I must say I'm pleased to find that I've not only stuck with the blog thing, but I've really been enjoying it. I'd enjoy it more if I were better about pictures, but if I stress about that, it won't be fun. So, we're definitely blogging for year two. LOL I was having some thoughts about knitting and where I am in that whole journey this morning, so this is probably an appropriate topic for a blogaversary post.

I have completed the first sleeve (well, all but the binding off bit) and I tried on the blue sweater. It no longer fits right. No, I did not suddenly gain 500+ pounds overnight (though the Ben & Jerry's probably didn't help), but I'm just woman-shaped and the sweater that fits so well down to the waist does not fit properly over the hips. I'm having some debates with myself about what to do here. I am not okay just leaving it "until I lose some weight and it fits better". I'm not putting my yarn in that basket, it needs to fit now or else it will never be worn. This is where all the knitterly pondering came in.

"I can't fix this", I said to myself, "I'm just a beginner knitter. I don't have the skills."

What the...? At what magical point do I move from being a beginner knitter to intermediate or even experienced? Notice I am not using the word "master" although I might be willing to use the word "novice". By my reckoning, I have been knitting for about five years sometime in August. That's five years spent learning and polishing my knitting skills. And I think I'm still a beginner? Why is that? I've knit three sweaters - even if the last one doesn't fit right and including one with cables, dozens of scarves, half a dozen or more hats - including one that I made up the pattern for, a couple of fingerless gloves, a sock (heh, heh) and washrags - including one in Intarsia. I have also helped two people learn to knit, cheered on a few other newbies and (I very modestly add) inspired a number of retired knitters to pick up their sticks again. I am able to converse comfortably on any topic involving knittng, yarn, tools of the trade and spinning without frothing (too much) at the mouth and to the satisfaction (they don't run away screaming) of the person who asked the oh-so-innocent question.

Is there a secret item or action that moves me into the next level? POOF!

I don't think so. Is this an attitude that is inextricably tied to self-esteem? That would stink. I'll never let myself move on if I don't watch my every thought. (I'm sure I'm not alone there either.) I mean, sure, this sweater snafu has me bummed, but it is a learning opportunity. Right? So long as I act on it right away, that is. If it sits for too long it will be a nice dust rag or something. Mistakes are how we learn. The Intarsia washrag? Not as pretty as I would like, but it is a washrag AND now I know I want to take a class to learn to do it right.

So, whatever hesitation my brain has, and for whatever reason, I proudly declare myself to be an Intermediate Knitter. Sure there are lots of things I've never done, but I'm not afraid to try. I've learned the basics, though I do have something to learn about fitting a piece to the recipient. LOL That will be my starting place for this next knitting year, learning about fit and modifying patterns to make them work for me, and hopefully all of my giftees as well. I've certainly got the books to make it work.

Immediate plans are to finish the sleeves & do the neck & button placket. Then I'll sit with my books and figure out how to make this sweater fit nicely. So what if I miss the summer weather? I can wear it all year if I want to, and there really isn't a deadline for this. It's just for me. On the other hand, I did want to finish it before casting on my next big project. I may have to change that plan. As much as I love it and want to finish it, I'd like a break for something else. So, I'm probably going to finish it, start reading about ways to fix it and cast on the next big thing, whatever that turns out to be.

Sounds like a plan to me.


Quail Hill Knits said...

Congratulations on your blogiversary and a big congrats on your move up to Intermediate Knitter!

Quail Hill Knits said...

Well, Happy Blogiversary to you! I hope that you keep up your blog. I do enjoy reading it.

alltangledup said...

congrats on your blog anniversary. well done on your first milestone!