Friday, July 13, 2007

Fan geek

Sorry for the terrible photo, I totally forgot about the flash and my spotted mirror. LOL I'll take new pictures once I finish the back edge, but the front edge is done. I still have the back edge, sleeves, collar edge & button placket to go, but I'm on the home stretch. I'm happy with the length, not sure about the fit yet. It is hard to tell with needles still in the back and my arms up in the air. :)

Other news, I went out to visit our local Kwik-E-Mart yesterday and got a Squishee and some Buzz cola & several pictures. I got a bit self-conscious about the picture taking and stopped before I got everything in the store. I guess there aren't many tourists out at 6:30 am and the construction workers seemed to think I was a bit odd. Normally I wouldn't care, but there was a really long line to check out (hungry construction workers) and I needed to get to work.

No Duff Beer, for those who are curious, but there are Krusty-Os and some other things. A number of Simpson character's liberally placed around the store on displays or with other signage. I think I'll try going back next week and get a few more pictures of the bits I missed.

Tomorrow the family and I are off to see the Walking with Dinosaurs show at the Tacoma Dome. I am so excited! Yes, I'm a dinosaur geek. I LOVE them! The girls are pretty excited too, I hope they like it. The tickets were pricey and I'm not leaving early if they don't. LOL I don't know if I'll be able to take pictures, but if I can I will post a few next week. We're driving to Tacoma early, so we don't have to mess with traffic worries. I think I'll try to work in a yarn store between lunch and the dinos.

Hmmm...I wonder if I could knit a dinosaur...

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