Thursday, February 28, 2008

Socks in Space

Okay, finally a picture of the completed socks. I was feeling a bit frisky and decided to play with photoshop.

Here's my socks hanging out on Saturn with some of its moons. No particular reason for the association, but the colors blend nicely. I'm kind of hiding my swollen foot here, so you can't see how tight the other sock is. I really hope the foot eventually stops swelling.

I finally finished Chart A on the BS Johnson hat, and I'm trying to get going on Chart B. Trying is the operative word here, but I'm having a bit of trouble with the Left Leaning Purl Increase. I get how it is done, but I don't have a purl stitch to increase, I keep ending up on a knit stitch. I'm trying to sort out exactly how I've buggered this up, but I'm not too worried about it.

If I've read the chart completely wrong (reversed which is the RS and which is the WS), I'll just continue on and make these increases knit increases instead of purl increases. I figure if I've done the whole thing backwards, somehow, then it will be fitting to make the increases backwards as well. I'll just make good notes so that the next time I do this pattern, and I do like it well enough to do it again, I'll hopefully get it right.

It is possible, however, that I don't understand the increases as well as I thought and once I get that sorted out all will be back on track. (I'm getting wonderful help from a fellow Raveller who is very patient with my twisty questions!) .

Here is to be a nice picture of my Badger Hat, which is in chocolate brown and soft white. See? Extremely simple hat, but nice and warm and sooooooooft. I started the hat because it was a) simple, b) quick, and c) I needed a hat at the time. Now it is warmer out & I no longer need a hat. But I'm still glad I did it. It was a nice companion piece to the end of the socks. Simple and fast. And that week felt great - two projects off the needles.

Sometimes, that feeling of accomplishment is not influenced by the difficulty (or lack thereof) of the project(s).


Michele / akkasha said...

I love the sock pic! They look terrific and I love the photoshop job. It is so wonderful.

I understand what you mean about the hat chart. I am so sorry that happened. This is the reason I tend to write out charts. It is bizarre having to flip back and forth mentally with the right & wrong side row. I am sure the fact that is looks off kilter will just add to the affect on that hat.

Daisy said...

LOL, I love the socks in space pic!