Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Moving on

Yesterday I gave notice on my job. That went better than expected and I'm quite relieved to be 'honest' again. Things were getting uncomfortable here, as my boss kept trying to get me to commit to projects that were taking place after I planned to be gone. I couldn't give him a good reason not to take them on without telling him why I couldn't do them. I know some people wouldn't have a problem playing along, but I just can't do that. It was good to finally just give them my written notice and wait for them to cycle through their phases so we can move on. Phases: stunned silence, polite acceptance, (now we're moving into) panicked attempts to plan for my departure. I expect there'll be a couple of more phases in there before I'm gone. We'll see what they turn out to be. My last day is March 20.

It feels really good to know that I have less than a month of work related stuff to deal with. I'm really excited and happy and nervous as heck. Mostly, I'm just glad to be past the last hurdle and moving forward towards whatever happens next. Daycare knows, the kids know and work knows. Now I just have to start winding things up here, training everyone to do all of my stuff (which may take more time than I have!), and start making lists of all the things I need to do first at home. Of course, the way things turned out (by accident) is that the very first day off of work will be the day I repeat the hand surgery. That means my first 3 days off of work will be on morphine. LOL That may be a fun way to start my new life! This will be followed by several weeks where I can't lift anything over a certain weight, 10 pounds? So that will keep me from trying to do too much all at once. After 6-8 weeks, the hand will be better and I'll be able to do more at a relaxed pace.

That's the plan.

I'm also trying to plan ahead for the surgery this time. Since I know what I'm getting into, I'm trying to psych myself into the mindset that I will enjoy a couple of months without knitting. It isn't working yet, but I'm trying anyway. I'm expecting some good books from a swap, and that will help, plus all the other books in my TBR (To Be Read) pile. In other words, this is the closest thing I'll get to guilt-free lounging for a long time, I should enjoy it as best I can. No work to come to, no big expectations for projects at home, so time to settle in, do small things and start adjusting to my new life. I already know that cross-stitch will work if I need to do something. I can consider sewing as an alternative (because there will be time to spend on it all day if I want), and I can think about projects to start up with once I can knit again.

I've decided to set the sweater back. The one I was planning for Himself? I won't be able to finish it in the next four weeks, so I'm not even going to CO for it. I'll save it until my hand has healed, since by the time that happens it will be too warm to wear the sweater. I'm trying to concentrate on simple, or at least quick, knits. I'm working on the BS Johnson hat from Knitty.com and I may CO for something else. We'll see. The hat is inspired by a character in Discworld by Terry Pratchett. Having finished the afghan squares, I was on a roll and couldn't wait to try my hand at another Pratchett item. I was also interested in this pattern because there are a number of new tricks for me to learn for a small item. It has been a bit challenging, but it is rolling along nicely at the moment.

The next biggest news is that I finally finished the sock! I know! Who woulda thunk it? I don't doubt that there may be a rare soul or two out there who have taken longer on a pair of socks, but zowie two years is nuts! I'm working on the pictures & will get them up asap. I also finished the Badger Hat from Morehouse Farms. Hmm. I seem to be on a hat kick. Makes sense. I have virtually no need for a hat right now. LOL

So, big changes and big knitting finishes (not just because my feet are big!). I'm enjoying the feeling of accomplishment, and the adrenaline rush as I move through this change in work/home stuff. Another nice benefit to being home? More time for staying caught up with the blog, reading all the blogs I enjoy most and Ravelry. And of course, knitting again (once I'm recovered).

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Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Good luck on meetings your goals; I stay home and I DON'T have enough time to knit and keep up with blogs -- much less join Ravelry! But then again, we have acreage and animals and that takes a lot of time right there....