Monday, February 11, 2008

A girl can always change her mind

Right? Okay, so here's the other square I did for the Pratchghan. It is a horseshoe (in case you can't tell) crossstitched using Nightlights glow-in-the-dark yarn over the Cascade 220 superwash. The Nightlights is not a particularly smooth yarn, or at least it isn't if you're sewing with it. Perhaps the process of pulling it through the fabric got it a bit rough. Anyway, that caused the stitches to be a bit wonky, and not fall neatly into an "X". Still, I decided I really liked the glowing and the overall concept, so I sent this as my primary square. I sent the turtle in as the back up, in case more squares were needed. I can't wait to see how this Pratchghan turns out!

I've made astounding progress on my 2nd sock! I'm down to the last 3 inches, give or take, and then I will have a completed pair of socks to wear. Assuming I can get one on my still puffy foot. LOL I will try to get some photos taken today and get them posted of my progress on this and the other projects I'm working on. I'm amazed at how quickly the sock goes when you actually work on it a little most days of the week. Zowie! Who knew?

I'm about halfway through the Badger Hat from Morehouse Farm. I just picked it up on a whim when I ordered more yarn for the Dragon Scarf. I purchased the Dragon kit last year sometime, and after a recent conversation on Ravelry, I decided that I really wanted to work on this item. I read a number of comments about the scarf, and decided I would like to make mine a bit longer by adding to the body, so I ordered another skein of yarn & threw in the hat as well. Well, it was cold the day I ordered & I didn't have a hand knit hat to wear. That's just so wrong! So, of course I had to do something about that situation. Naturally. Anyway, it is a basic, basic hat, but the yarn is so darned soft! Funny thing about the dragon yarn. I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing and I bought the wrong color. As it turned out, I liked the new color better, so I had to get more to do the whole scarf in the new green. What a dork!

I kind of set the swatch aside for Himself. I'm anxious to get the sock finished, so I figure the swatch can wait. I am scheduled to repeat the surgery on my hand, the one I had last year, and so I've got about 6 weeks of knitting left before I have to take a break. There's no way I'll get his sweater done in the next 6 weeks, at least I don't think so, so I thought I'd work on the things I can finish up in that time. Hopefully, the surgeon will actually be the one in the room, not his resident, and the surgery will be successful this time. I will not do it again. Weeks on the crutches with my leg taught me that my wrist is pretty much where it was before the first surgery. I don't want to live with it if I don't have to, but I'm still pretty ticked that I have to repeat the surgery. Oh well.

I'm hoping the surgeon's ego will be involved this time since he knows his resident didn't do a very good job last time. (I'm still assuming it was his resident since the surgeon looked at my hand and said "Who did this last surgery? That isn't my scar!". He didn't believe it was "him" until his new resident found it in my chart. Encouraging, no? It is possible that it was a team effort, but I just kind of feel that maybe the surgeon just passed through the room and gave it a quick look. Teaching hospitals, always a risk I guess.

The leg is good. I saw the doctor for the last time on Friday. She says I don't need to come back unless I have new pain, particularly pain over the break. It isn't 100% mended, but it is 90% or so. I got a prescription for physical therapy, which I will try to get started next week. Himself is out of town this week, and I just can't add anything new into my day without him around to help with the kids. I should have about a month of therapy and then I'll be done. I'm doing well, I think. It is really just a matter of limbering up those muscles, etc., and building up my strength again. I'll keep using my ankle brace for a week or two, then I'll be done with that too.

It is incredibly awesome to have two feet & two hands again! And the progress on the sock! Man! I'm on a roll! 'Till I CO a bunch of new projects. LOL

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