Thursday, August 16, 2007

One FO down...

Okay, here's the shawl. I took some of me wearing it (or my girls took some of me wearing it), but my hair was in the way and it just looked weird. Stats: Eros Glitz color 115, 2 balls of yarn = 1 nice scarf for dear great aunt in Florida. Just in time for hurricane season. You know, 'cuz the one thing you really need then is a scarf. LOL

I've cast on for the first slipper for the oldest DD. It will be red. The youngest is horrified that it isn't pink and also that I'm not knitting hers first. It's a hard life, you know? She seems concerned that maybe I've actually lost my mind* and that I might be knitting her some red slippers by mistake. Somehow that seems more likely to her than the fact that I might really knit slippers for big sis first.

*I lost my mind years ago, but the girls haven't figured it out. Yet. The time will come when it will be painfully clear to all that I have no mind left. Right now they just think I'm very "silly". Sometimes. Works for me.

Anyway, we had a very long conversation clarifying that she wants pink slippers. And maybe purple or light blue also, but definitely NOT red. I've got it. She's not convinced. So cynical and so young. I don't know where she gets it.

I'm really liking the short projects. A week or two and BAM, you're done. I think a few of these are in order before tackling something bigger. I've forgotten how nice it feels to finish a project. I still don't know what I'm going to do with the blue sweater. No rush, but I still feel like a bit of a slacker that it isn't fixed yet. I think I'm just sweating the sweater (heh, heh) because I'm really sweating the job search thing. Tons of applications out and not a single nibble. Very frustrating. I'm working on another one very close to home. This would be a great one to have, so my stomach is starting to hurt (in true Charlie Brown fashion) on this one while I work on it. Bah, it'll all work out as it should. In time.

I got mail today about my baby's kindergarden class. sigh That is such a bummer & so exciting at the same time. She will have the same teacher that her sister had. Mrs. W is awesome and will be a perfect match for DD#2, or I think she will. Sometimes I wonder if it isn't cruel to inflict #2 on anyone, she never stops talking unless she's singing (usually making up her own songs) or asleep. I think that's why she's so very skinny. Her metabolism is incredibly high burning energy to keep her mouth in motion 24/7. LOL Such as very sweet girl, I can't believe she's gotten so big. Guess I'd better get those school supplies soon. I wonder if I can knit a muzzle... LOL

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Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

If you figure out that muzzle pattern, let me know. My five-year-old son is the same way; drives this quiet-loving hermit wannabe crazy. And since we're homeschooling, I don't get to foist him off on ANYbody. EEEEK!