Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I've been holding out on you. Well, not really, but I placed an order for some Scout's Swag yarn in Death Eaters and Socktoberfest and they arrived this week. Hop over there to get a better view of the colorways, my photo is not good (the 7 y.o. again, but also the lighting - sorry). I got a Merino/Tencel mix and it is soooo soft. Do I need more sock yarn? Have I finished even one pair of socks? Does it matter? LOL

I'm looking at using the Death Eater colorway for the Bellatrix sock over at Socktopia. There's a Lime and Violet influence on that one, I think. I don't have any plans for the Socktopia yet, I just really liked the mix of colors. In fact, I like too many of her colorways. I see far too many purchases on the horizon if I don't temporarily "forget" about Scout. :)

I'm still going strong on the shawl, if not as fast as I would like. I hope to have the knitting done by the weekend, then I can work on the fringe for the next week if necessary. That will still leave plenty of time to get it in the mail for my great-aunt's 95th birthday. She is in pretty good health, although I believe she is getting a little forgetful/confused at times. (So am I and I'm not 95!) I'm hoping we can get out there to see her in the next year. She now lives near my in-laws, so it is a possibility.

I'm definitely going to work on some slippers after the shawl is done. It'll give me something small and simple to work on before tackling another big project. I'll also get to try felting. I'm not all crazy about felt in general, too many itchy experiences in the past I think. Still, they should be comfy on the feet. Who knows? Maybe I'll develop a new passion - like I need one. LOL

I've been having a bit of a weird week. A blood vessel burst in my eye, so the entire outer half of my left eye is solid red. I mean a solid dipped-in-blood looking red. It is an interesting social experience since most people look you in the eye at least once. I did check it out with the doctor, btw, and he said it is a "normal" thing and is harmless in and of itself (barring a blow to the head or vision impairment, etc.). It looks really disturbing, especially for my squeamish students. heh, heh, heh. I've had some fun with them this week, giving them the "evil eye". They can't wait for it to get better (probably about another week considering how nasty it looks) adn several suggested I wear an eye patch. I took a picture, but I'm not posting it. It is pretty freaky. My youngest DD told me I was evil because I had a red eye. Cartoon villians = red eyes = fair enough. I told her I was only half evil because it was only one eye. My oldest chimed in and said "no mom, you're pretty much all evil all the time." I have no idea how they got this way.

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Quail Hill Knits said...

The latest colors on you sock yarn stash are beautiful. I really like the gray and green colorway.
I hope that yu eye gets back to normal soon but I laughed when you said you can give your students the "Evil Eye". I'll bet it is quite effective.