Monday, August 27, 2007

First Foot

Okay, here's a photo of the first slipper so far. I still haven't finished the crossstitch, but I figured since I had the camera out, I might as well get both.

I seem to have a heck of a time with the photo part of blogging. More often than not, that is what keeps me from posting, a lack of pictures. Goodness knows I've always got something to say. (Even if it isn't all that interesting to anyone else. LOL)

I'm using Cascade yarn in a very bright red. This one is for my oldest DD, and she picked out some very vivid colors compared to the youngests' pastel choices. It suits her. The pattern calls for 10 or 10.5 US needles and I had to go up a size (I think), so I'm using 11US on these. Or perhaps I'm really tired and forgetful and I'm using 13s, but I don't think so. (I mean, I don't think it is 13s, I know I'm a bit tired today.)

I'm really anxious to get back to this project. It goes so quickly, I'd really like to get these finished up and get the next pair out as well. I'm very curious about this whole felting thing, and if I can make it work properly. Also, it is a project that has my girls pretty excited. I have no idea why, but they are. I'm not sure if it is because it is for them, or because it is slippers. Whatever. We'll see how long the love affair lasts once the slippers are done. Children, especially young ones, can be so fickle.

There's a bug going around my school and also daycare. Some kind of 24 hour stomach flu with a high fever. It made me think that I almost wish for a sick day, just so I can try to finish things off. Then again, I don't actually want to be sick. I just want to be home stitching and knitting. So I'm back to diligently washing hands and avoiding people who look a bit sickly. Since we're approaching finals, all the students look a bit sickly. hee!

I am taking a half day off on Thursday for a Ice Cream Social for the Kindergarteners. It is a get-to-know-you thing for them and should be nice. I'll probably take both girls, my oldest had the same teacher and the youngest always tags along to the school stuff for the oldest. It seems fair. Maybe there'll be a little time left at the end of the day to get some stitching done then. I'll get a picture up of the quilt square tomorrow.

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