Monday, March 03, 2008

Continuing hat thingies

Well, I have yet to sort out where I went wrong on the hat. Perhaps it is Unknowable. Okay, I can live with that.

As long as the hat fits.

If the gauge goes wrong on this puppy - well, I'm not responsible. That's all I'm saying.

I've made it 1/3 of the way through Chart B. Some of my stitches look a bit odd, but now I think I'm looking too hard. I suspect the ones that look a bit wonky are actually these increases that are not what they should be. I don't think it will actually matter, once the hat is done. Certainly, no one else will ever know. Except you, Gentle Reader. Never fear, I'm not worried about silencing anyone. LOL I just want to make it through the rest of the pattern without discovering I've gone wrong on some other bit. Hey, if it looks like a hat, it will do for BS Johnson. My pride will be a bit scuffed, but I'll survive. How many people on the street have ever even heard of BS Johnson, much less know of his hat? In fact, I'm as likely to get inquiring looks for a hat done correctly as incorrectly. So, there you go.

I didn't get a whole lot done this weekend, I'm afraid. Apart from some more Noir Knitting (ooo, a great blog title if I ever heard one! I wonder if anyone else has that one... Google note for later) which went without a hitch this time, I got a little done during the swim lessons on Saturday morning. After that, the weekend got too busy. The Noir of the Week was The Big Sleep. An excellent film & great fun to watch. I love Bogart!

I did read Katie McAlister's new book, writing as Kate Marsh, Ghost of a Chance. A nice cozy paranormal mystery. The characters are part of the Otherworld that exists in her other books, though these are all new characters. I really enjoyed it, and to be honest, I enjoyed the fact that it had very little to do with her other books (other than sharing the concept of the Otherworld). I enjoy the other series of hers, make no mistake, I even enjoy how those just almost overlap at times, but I like the more independent feel of this one. I'm looking forward to more in this series.

Sunday was spent hosting a b-day party (she'll be 8!) for my oldest. She shared the party with a friend of hers who also has a b-day this month, about a week out from hers. It was a place that has all the big inflatable bouncy slide type things, and all the kids (about 17 total) had a BLAST! I was exhausted. I took tons of pictures because the other mom's camera battery was dead thanks to her teenaged daughter. LOL It was a great party, but I was wiped out! I considered bringing my knitting along just in case, but figured pointy sticks and big inflatable toys were not a good mix (not to mention there just wasn't time!). The closest thing to a downer was that I couldn't play on the toys because I was afraid I would twist my ankle. Poor me! Himself played on them with the birthday girl, however, and they had a blast.

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