Tuesday, June 05, 2007

It is finished!

Woo-Hoo! I'm certain I must have started this thing last June and last night, 6/4/07, I Kitchenered off the toe. I'm not 100% pleased with how that went, but it'll do. I couldn't wait to get that sock off the needles, I didn't want to wait until I'd spent a week researching ways to finish the toe. I'll do that in the year it takes to do sock #2. LOL Ahhhh. I can't tell you how pleased I am about ending the Endless Sock. I'm sure everyone has an experience with the project they thought would never end, so I'm guessing everyone knows the feeling themselves. It is good, no?

I was trying to get a closer image of the detail on the twisted cables. Maybe I'll try again another time. Now for the details:

Opal Rainforest Eule / Owl
contents 75% wool, 25% polyamide
465 yds / 100 gram ball

The pattern is from Classic Beginnings: Socks for the Family by Michele Wyman and I used the Mock Cable Leg Ribbing (which I adapted for a hat back in November or so). The pattern was well written and was in a formula sort of format. I made some copies so I could just fill in the blanks for any size of sock that I might be knitting. The patterns are all written for dpns, however, so I had to do some adjusting to do them on two circs. No big, I just used Cat's book for that and it all seemed to work out (once I adjusted for the stitch counts).

I used Knit Picks #2 circs for the bulk of the socks (started on bamboo dpns #2). I think I knit these much tighter than I normally do (everything else I knit), so I managed to get 8 stitches to the inch. Or, I think I did. I must have for the gauge swatch, and whatever else may have shifted, the sock fits, so I'm good. LOL

I have not yet cast on for sock #2, I was pushing bedtime back about 20 minutes to get the sock off the needles and the pictures done (see what I do for you?). I was sooo tired yesterday, I didn't sleep well the night before, so I didn't want to stay up late. It was worth it for the sock. LOL I'm wiped today, of course, you know how you get when you finally get some good sleep after missing sleep. I'm thinking one more good night's rest should set me right. Maybe finishing the sock will let me sleep better. (Or maybe moving back to cooler weather will do it...).

While looking up the stats on the Opal yarn I was distressed to see that they have released a second Rainforest collection. Holy cow! I've only just made peace with not buying all the colorways in the first collection and now they add even more colors I want to own in Rainforest 2! Jeepers. I was really setting a new goal for myself to only knit socks with thicker weight yarn (than the Opal). What in the world will I do with a humongous collection of tiny, tiny sock yarn?! Besides pet it, I mean. Oy.

Back to the sweater. I'm still behind on all of my TV shows. I haven't seen the season finale on a single show yet and they've all been done for a week or more. sigh Oh well, at least I've got some good knitting time left (and some more dark chocolate covered almonds!). Then I think I'll watch Firefly again. And the Dresden Files will be out in August. Now that's something to look forward to!

Excuse my while I go model my sock for people. Whether they like it or not...

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