Wednesday, September 21, 2011

When did Mondays start lasting all week?

I mean, I get that it happens now and then, but two weeks running?  :P 

We are not off to a good start this year.  I am extremely unhappy about that.  The changes in our online school program are really making it hard to get going.  Thank you, State of Washington, for screwing up a great program and making it harder to get any school done during the day.  NOT. 

The attitude of my youngest is making it even harder.  How do you spend 3 hours reading and get nowhere?   I'd bang my head on a wall, but I already have a headache.  She is all excited about working harder and getting done sooner, but she isn't doing the work.  I'm trying to get all the new regulations sorted and push her to do her work.  We had a great first week, then :P. 

I am hopeful that we will find a way to get it together, but she is really just NOT working.  Somehow.  Ah, Week 1 was So Promising!

I signed up to do an online course on the Constitution from Hillsdale College.  So far it is really interesting, but it is tough working it in around trying to get the youngest to do her daily work.  I really need more than 24-hours in a day. lol

On the painting side of life, I've finally decided that the color I used in the entry is too dark to keep.  The few days of clouds, and the evenings spent contemplating color, just back me up.  The lighting in our house is not very bright.  I want some new lighting in the entry, but it won't happen for a while and it still might not fix the problem.  After painting swatches near the brick on the fireplace, I've also decided this color goes a bit too yellow for me.  So, I'll be repainting that space a shade lighter and slightly different (more blue-green).  Not looking forward to the whole mess, trying to squeeze it in around the school work that already isn't getting done as it should.   On the up side of things, there's a big sale on the paint I'm using starting Friday, so I can get all the paint I need at a good savings.

Always have to look for the positive.

The sweater is proceeding nicely.  I'm on my first sleeve, and things are going nicely. After reading, and rereading, project notes for this pattern, I'm feeling pretty confident about the choices I'm making for the collar and button band (which is new to me).  I've got two sets of buttons secured, and will choose once I get a band done.  I've been rather lazy about the pictures, though. I need to remedy that situation very soon.

I'm also trying to do the Scary Sock KAL again, love these socks!  Sadly, my sock mojo is missing and I am really struggling to get things done with that KAL.  So far, we've had Frogs, Bride of Frankenstein and The Door With Seven Locks.  Very cute patterns, not enough time (or needles)!  I'm still hoping to get some done this year.  Ah, where are my time management skills?  Anyone see them?


Michelle said...

My son is not a willing worker, either. I know I am guilty of trying to do too much other stuff besides homeschooling; my SIL has mentioned pointedly that ALL she focused on was homeschooling her kids (now in high school and college); part-time jobs and hobbies fell by the wayside....

Jamie said...

I'm figuring out that I just can't leave the room. Even trips to the bathroom can be a problem, lol. I can sometimes sneak in dishes, and I can sometimes knit while I sit next to them as they work. Anything else just doesn't work out, unless we are having the most awesome day ever. So, pretty much once a year. lol

It is really hard to ignore all the other things that need my attention. It seems that I should be able to clean, or whatever else needs doing, but, no. Just can't happen I guess.

Hope the SIL isn't too pointed, that would be a different battle, and every child is different. Perhaps someday we will get a longer leash. :)

Michelle said...

No, she's not too pointed, and she does say it gets somewhat easier as they get older. My son works well if I'm beside him, even if I knit or spin - THANKFULLY!

Michele / akkasha said...

I am sorry it is rough for you this year. Sounds like it is a major headache. I am hoping your youngest gets back into the swing of things. I don't know how you do it!

I hope you have fun with the Spooky KAL. They have had such fun patterns. Not that I have managed to actually make any of them! *laugh* But I admire them!