Sunday, March 13, 2011

March Madness

Well, more like sickness.  The kids both have what must be the slooooooowest moving bug I can remember encountering.  The symptoms took nearly a week to move to the "real" sick stage, including fever.  I'm still in the "I don't feel quite right, but I don't really feel sick" stage.  I have no idea if I will get worse, or better.  Down side, eldest has spent her 11th bday feverish.  Up side, we had the party last week when everyone was healthy (though the symptoms were starting to show).

Himself stayed healthy long enough to toddle off to Long Beach to give a presentation at a Writers conference.  He gets temps in the 70s and sunshine, we have temps in the 50s and a steady rain.  Fair trade, I guess, since no one here is healthy enough to enjoy good weather anyway.

I'm busy knitting along on a test knit.  A pair of mittens for the upcoming Princess Bride Sock Club (for which the RNG did not see fit to select me!).  I'm loving the mitts, though the yarn I had on hand to use isn't the best choice for the pattern.  The yarn is beeeyootiful, but too busy for bits of the pattern.  I still like them.  A lot.

Sadly, my brain is over-eager to cast on many other projects now.  I really should not do that, though.  I've counted my WIPs recently.  I'm scared!  7.  I have 7 WIPs sitting around, some of them kind of big.  So, adding more would be a bad idea.  Right?  Yeah.  I think so too.  Which is why my crazed brain is determined to find new things for me to cast on.  In all my spare time.  lol


I love my brain.


Michele / akkasha said...

I hope everyone recovers quickly from the crud. It really does seem like this year was worse than normal in the stuff going around.

Good luck battling the desire to cast on more projects. It is always so tempting to lust after the shiny new project.

I really haven't felt like knitting much. Nothing on my needles is really compelling me to finish it. *sigh* Not sure why actually.

I have a pile of stuff that needs buttons or little things that I really should get off my WIP list! Most have been sitting there for months. (One for years and it needs *a single button* for the closure!!)

Daisy said...

Noo noo, more WIPs = more fun!

Hope you all feel better soon, it's miserable when everyone's ill.