Friday, January 28, 2011

I don't hate blogs

Really.  I don't. 

I have found, however, that they do not blend all that well with my former schedule.  Yeah.  I said former.  Himself has declared this year to be the Year of the Schedule (or should that be year of THE schedule?).  After a mere two weeks of one new schedule (just plotting out the general hourly flow of things Mon - Sun)  he has decided we need much more daily detail. 

Very nice for him.  He only has to schedule himself.  I have to plan/schedule for 3.  Color me displeased and quietly (and gleefully) hoping the new(est) plan dies a miserable death soon.  The first schedule idea was working pretty darned well.  I was exercising again (after 6 months off), school was starting earlier and, better yet, ending earlier, the kids were back to guitar lessons.  Ah, it was nice. 

The newest schedule thing, however, is tedious, time-consuming and makes my head go 'splodey.  My rebellion has been noted, and frowned upon.  Perhaps that's why I couldn't stop giggling when Himself got stuck in the bathroom after putting too much lotion on his hands with new doorknobs that are very slippery.  Tears-streaming-down-my-face laughing.  Ah, such a bad wife, I am. lol  I did get up to help him.  Eventually.  But by then he had it all sorted out.  I didn't realize he'd missed the girls doing this, too.  So far, I'm the only one in the family who's managed this predicament without an audience.  Yay, me!

At any rate, I'm hopeful that now that we have a Shiny New Schedule, I might work in time for the blog more frequently. 

Since I picked on himself so thoroughly there, I'll share the lovely hat and scarf I did for him.  Just to prove that I can be a good wife when I want to be. lol

This pair was knit up in Dream in Color Classy Worsted, November Muse colorway.  I used the Palindrome Hat & Scarf pattern, which was lovely and very simple to memorize.  I was knitting some socks for myself in this color (in fingering weight) and he darned near drooled all over the yarn.  That almost never happens, so I figured I should do something for the poor man who supports my fiber habit.

Oh.  Did I mention that the scarf measures 10 feet in length?  I'm concerned Himself might resemble a mummy once wrapped in it, but as long as he's warm...  And, he did request the length, or at least "knit until all the yarn is gone", so that's what he got.

I'm currently in a Stash-Down Mode.  I'm working harder on WIPs and trying to work from stash.  Hopefully, this will help me feel like I'm making progress on something around here. lol  I'm also trying very hard not to buy any new yarn, but I'll likely put myself in some lotteries to win places in some new yarn clubs coming up on Ravelry.

I have had a very busy time since I posted last.  Most of the house repair/remodels are done now.  Thank goodness.  I'm pleased as punch with the results, but my photos are not all that great.  We made our October vacation back to Texas, to visit my family in Dallas and in Odessa/Midland.  We had a lovely time visiting with family, and I was able to have lunch with friends from high school, and even a few I've known since 1st grade.

Sadly, we repeated the trip in November, just a few days after Thanksgiving, when my grandmother passed away.  My mother's mother helped raise me after my parents divorced when I was 6, and we lived with her from the time I was about 10 until I got married.  I was named for her, and we were very, very close.  I don't think I've properly dealt with her death, or grieved.  I was much too busy getting my mom through it all and successfully pushed it all away.  When it catches up with me, I will be a complete mess.  Until then, I carry on.  My grandmother was a crocheter, and loved to see my handspun yarns and finished projects.  I had just purchased a nice red yarn to make her some fingerless mitts a couple of weeks prior to her death.  Not sure what I'll do with it now.

The holidays were not entirely good this year.  I was sick for Christmas and New Years (with different viruses) so I was actually quite ready to move into the New Year and hope for something better going forward. Then, Himself was out of town for my birthday (in Vegas! for work), so that was bit of a let down, as well. 

Sorry for the whining, but, well, now that it is out there I can just move on.  Hopefully, the (first) new schedule will help us get off on the right foot for the year.  You know, if Himself will stop pressing the other new schedule, that is.  lol


Daisy said...

Sorry to hear about your grandmother. Why don't you knit yourself some mitts with the yarn to remember her by? Hope you're on the mend now too.

Michele / akkasha said...

Yuck. I hate schedules. They never really work out well. They seem to involve more planning than actual action. So I can understand your frustration. I am sure it is challenging enough to just get things done with you and the girls, much less add to the stress of it with a schedule.

I know you will miss your grandmother dearly. I still miss my parents and they passed away when I was in my teens. It is hard when someone who is so important to you is gone.

Congrats on trying to work through your stash. It is indeed a good goal. I need to do that more myself!

What was it with this year about getting sick over the holidays?! DD and I were both sick from Xmas through New Years. And now I am getting over bronchitis! And DD is sniffling and coughing too. It is dreadful.

I hope you aren't getting hit with all the snow and yuck we are on the east coast! That really seems to be making things worse.

Hope to catch up via email sometime soon. Though things are kinda insane and being out sick for nearly a week means work is even more backed up. Wheeeee!