Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Happy New Year!

Better late than never, right?

I finally managed to find some time for knitting again. Frustrated that my first attempts at Evangeline resulted in mitts that were too small for adults & the yarn was too itchy for my sensitive-skinned eldest, I had to try again.

I succeeded with the next pair of Evangelines, these knit up in Cascade 220 in a red/black colorway. I dropped down to US size 6 needles and knit both at the same time on two circs. Sadly, I could only find one set of my Options needles in this size, though I know I have two sets. I used one set of Options and one bamboo. I finished these on the eve of the 31st (I know how to spend my New Year's Eve!) and immediately cast on for another pair for the youngest. These were finished on Jan 4th and are also in Cascade 220, in a pink/purple/yellow/blue colorway.

I have confirmed that I knit too tightly when cabling. The bamboo needles were very difficult to use, the yarn was awfully "sticky" compared to the metal Options. Odd that it bothered me so, I almost always prefer wooden needles, but I decided it was just that my stitches were so darned tight. Some of the cables (particular rows in the pattern) were much harder to do than the others because of my strangle-hold on the stitches. The pattern is lovely, though, all difficulties are of my own making. I'd like to make some more fingerless gloves, but I think I'll take a little break first.

School started up again on the 5th, though it was a late start due to more snow (4 inches), and both girls were happy to have their new mitts to help fight off the cold. Obviously, they are fashion items far more than warmers, but they do help. The weather has warmed up enough that there isn't any freezing day or night, but that little bit of snow made me more than a little unhappy. I needed to get out to run errands, but had to wait to get the girls to school first. (They really slow me down!) As a result, I was hardly at home all day yesterday. When I did get home, I spent three hours in the kitchen making enchiladas for our dinner and for our the Theophany feast at our church today.

I've never made enchiladas for a large group, and never a day in advance, so I was a bit concerned about how they would turn out. I think they were a little dry, but not too bad. Next time I'll add additional sauce to them if I have to keep them overnight. They were still yummy and gone very quickly.

It was a cold and blustery day for Theophany. We usually have a Divine Liturgy followed by a Blessing of the Waters at a local stream. After the third blessing, a cross is thrown into the water and a hardy young lad rushes into the (very cold) water to retrieve it and then he receives an extra blessing. It was fun, if cold & rainy, and then we feasted. I was much more interested in the Key Lime Pie and cheesecake than the enchiladas, but it was all tasty! I think I'm storing up as Lent is just around the corner (it is early this year).

Now I'm off to feed the kidlets and get to work on some socks. I joined the Bleeping Sock Games KAL (Ravelry) and I'm working on the first sock pattern. On tiny needles (US 0). sigh You know, because the sweater and the shawl aren't enough knitting for me. sheesh! This KAL's theme is video games.

I seem to be suffering from a severe case of Startitis, but I must stick to the socks or else they will never get done. Oh well, maybe tomorrow I can stay home (no more errands!) and get something done. Plus, tomorrow is my b-day and I've asked for Bar-B-Q for my dinner, so, no cooking.

swoon I'm fairly certain I could eat my weight in BBQ ribs.

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Stacy said...

Happy Birthday, James! Shamefully, I had forgotten when your birthday was (that's what happens when one loses touch with another), but I'm happy I got here in time to wish it to you on the day! Whether you read this comment on the day or not isn't my problem, lol.

I'm having Startitis on scrapbooking. But then I've been somewhat under the weather, too. *SIGH* Gotta get rid of the brain fog!!

Anyway, love your Evangelines! I would never have the patience for knitting.