Sunday, December 09, 2007

Snow, casts & stuff

Sorry for being so absent! I'm afraid the week quite got away from me and Ravelry has been eating up a huge amount of my online life. (I read this often enough in other blogs, I know it isn't just me!) I'm Silvercat if you're there and want to say Hi.

I returned to work this past week and made slightly over half-days most of the week. Thursday I started having nearly constant cramps and muscle spasms, mostly not painful, just persistent. (Reminded me of Braxton-Hicks contractions when I was pregnant.) Anyway, I stayed home from work on Friday & called the doctor. She had me come in for some vascular tests. It seems cramps are a symptom of blood clots, so they wanted to be sure everything was okay.

The Doppler they did on my leg was quite the ordeal. I had a 1:00 appointment, but orthopedics neglected to have me come by so that they could remove the cast first. After hauling myself around on crutches (my Roll-A-Bout was trapped in my house and I could not get it down the stairs to the van) and waiting in the lobby for 20 minutes or so, I went back to an exam/test room where the doctor proceeded to make noises about how she couldn't do anything with my cast on. She finally called orthopedics for me and everything got rescheduled for 3:00 cast removal (orthopedics office across the street) then back for the Doppler at 3:45, then back to orthopedics once more for a new cast.

People, that is a lot of crutching! I ended up moving the car back and forth just so I could have some sit down time. I would never have made it on crutches alone. That left me with about an hour & a quarter to kill. Going home was out & I couldn't really go anywhere that involved moving around on crutches for long, so I just got something to eat, sat in my car and read a book. (I was too grumpy to knit in the car, I have to shift my leg too often to get anything done.)

The Doppler results were good, no blood clots! I just seem to be the lucky sort of person who is susceptible to muscle spasms/cramps when casted like this. Or maybe I'm working too much (or moving too much at work) and my leg is not getting enough rest. I got some muscle relaxers, but I can't take them during the day if I'm driving. So they will be for the evenings only, if I need them. I tell you, the cramps I had last week had me acting like a Tourettes' sufferer all night. (No offense to the people suffering with Tourettes, it just fits) I'd jerk awake yelling, sometimes not very nice things, as my foot cramped and moved involuntarily in the cast which HURT. Scared Himself half to death several times. LOL

So here is my new cast. Nice and shiny red for Christmas. The girls have already decorated it with snowmen and ornaments in silver and gold. The youngest was singing the song while she did it. My leg is already looking stringy and scrawny from lack of use. Good grief!

This Doppler test was my second lengthy ordeal of the week. I won't bore you with the details on it, let's just say that if you need a handicapped placard here in my town, you'd better have an able-bodied person with you to get it! No wonder I was having leg troubles last week.

I did finish the stupid, from hell, hat. Finally. At least I know how to make one now. Ha! And I wrote everything down since I'll have to make at least one more with the same yarn. The scarf is about 30 minutes away from completion. I'll get the pics up when finished. DD #1 seems happy with them, she keeps modeling the hat, so I guess that is a good sign. If she loses it, I may have to hurt her! LOL

It has certianly gotten cold enough for hats and scarves. Today is supposed to be about 38(F) and there was a bit of snow. (There was snow last Sunday too, that's the top picture.) At least there isn't any ice on the sidewalks by my office. We're at sea level, so it rarely gets bad enough to mess things up downtown. Where I live, however, it is a different story.

I do hope you are all making good progress on Christmas projects & things and that you are taking time to enjoy the season. In spite of how I may sound when sharing my latest adventures, rest assured that I am laughing at myself & the situation. Okay, sometimes I'm a bit grumpy with some of the thoughtless, inconsiderate people I'm dealing with, but it doesn't last beyond the moment really. Mostly, I am extrememly grateful that I am not more severely injured and thankful for the many, many blessings in my life.

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