Thursday, December 13, 2007

Brief Update

Well, I made a short visit to the doctor yesterday. Good news: the leg is maintaining the correct positioning and is healing. Slightly less good new: I have to wait another 10 days for a walking cast/boot. It is really all good news, I guess, I'm just done with the "I can't do anything" stage, and I'm ready to be a little more capable. My family is with me on this one. They are so done being me. LOL

I sympathise with them. It is hard having to do all the stuff I do, but now Himself is getting a better taste of what I do every day. He isn't liking it. Poor baby. The girls are learning to do more for themselves as well, they aren't liking it either. I am learning that they could all be doing more than they have been, without taking over everything I do, and I'd still have more on my plate than I have time for. It is an interesting learning experience. The challenge will be not regressing to doing everything for them again when I can walk.

Wow. A lesson. How nice. I'm sure I'll appreciate it more when I'm up and moving again.

One major downer, my poor kitty seems to be sick. She is a beast of a cat, friendly only to me and even then not the most affectionate thing. She's 16, so getting up there in cat years, but I'm not sure what is wrong. I think she is having some problems with her hips or legs. She has some joint problems, but they haven't bothered her in many years. She seems to be aware of her limitations and doesn't do dumb things (like jump too high, etc.), so I don't know what she might have done to hurt herself. She's just laying around, occasionally crying pitifully while just laying there, and if she gets up to move, lots of crying. I suppose it could be something else, but it is hard to say. She won't even look at me when I talk to her, she just keeps her head down and if I pet her gently, she cries.

I'm really very worried, but since I'm on crutches, I can't do anything to get her to the vet. I have to wait on Himself to work around his schedule to get her in and I'm pretty stinking frustrated. I think I empathize with her pain more than he does. So, I'm hoping it is just her hips and that they can help her get through this pain. I'm worried it is something more and we are nearing the end. Most of my cats hit the 20-22 year mark, but I know that is not the average. Obnoxious though she is, she's my baby. I got her a year after we got married.

Sorry, that got a lot more sad than I intended. On another note, I'm still trying to psych myself into getting Christmas cards out. I missed last year due to the hand surgery. I was really hoping to get back on track this year, but it isn't looking good. We'll see if I get a sudden burst of energy or something.

I finished the blasted hat (on the 5th try) and the scarf. I'll get pictures up when I'm able. Everytime I ask the girls to get me the camera, they start taking pictures of my cast & I never get the pictures I want. I'm about 2/3 of the way into the 2nd hat for the other DD, but I noticed that the ball of yarn was a partial ball. I eventually rememered that I had made a scarf & hat for another friend in this same yarn several years ago. Apparently, I used a partial ball for something and this is what was left. It isn't enough to do the hat, and I was using the remaining yarn from the Hat Ball to add a little more length to the scarf. sigh So now I can either give the youngest a significantly smaller scarf or I can go get more yarn.

The Problem: I can only think of one LYS that carries the yarn that I have a reasonable chance of getting myself into on crutches or the roll-a-bout.

Think about it. We love our LYSs with their stuffed shelves and baskets full of goodies on the floor, etc. On crutches, they are a blinking nightmare of near-death experiences waiting to happen. Two of my favorites are in houses with stairs and I'm not sure I would even want to attempt getting into them, much less maneuver through them. Zowie.

I've never considered accessibility before, but I'm willing to bet that most stores are not very convenient for people with mobility issues. That is a very sobering and distressing thought.

Sorry for not leaving this on a happier note. I guess I've just got too much time for thinking these days.

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