Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Quiet time

Well, it seems like the proverbial 'quiet before the storm' is setting in. Although, we had a bit of a storm yesterday with gusts in Bellingham up to 97 mph or so. I'm happy to have had nothing over about 50 or so at my house (or here one the waterfront). No pics, I don't usually bring my camera to work and don't use my phone much, but the view was really nice. Glad I wasn't on a ferry, though. Not sure how I'd do on the "rough seas". LOL

What I really mean by "quiet time" is that people seem to be fairly quiet in the blog world. Odd, I know there's the NaBloPoMo going on, but most of the blogs I read don't seem to be signed on for that one. I'm glad I didn't know about it before now, or I might have done something foolish and signed up. Goodness knows I can talk about nothing for, well, ever.

My guess is that folks are taking a deep breath before the gift giving season (looming around the corner) gets into full swing. Yes, only a little over 5 weeks until Christmas. The Advent season is upon us! Last night as we drove past a house with Christmast lights up already, my 5 y.o. asked: "Are they insane?!" No offense to any of you "early birders" out there, but I'm with the 5 y.o. on this one. And I have to admit, it is a pretty darned funny thing to hear coming out of a 5 year old's mouth. I'm just sayin'.

I try to avoid planning knitting gifts for Christmas. I did several scarves a few years ago, and that was enough to smack some sense into my head. (Until I forget, that is.) I also subjected myself to the trauma of knitting dozens of gifts for graduating student employees. On a schedule. Yep. Lesson learned (for now). I just knit things for gifts. If it is done in time for a significant date, fine, if not... Happy Tuesday! (or whatever) I don' t need that much pressure for projects that I do for pleasure.

I'm planning my shopping as well, but I'm also spending my time trying to decide how to spend my time next year when I'm no longer working outside the home. I'm pretty stinking overwhelmed by the whole prospect. I think I'm just going to make lists. In time, perhaps I'll even make lists of lists. LOL Anything to avoid thoughts of the emotional trauma of seperating my kids from the daycare family. Lists are good, they are even actionable. If I do them right.

As a librarian, I'm very good at organizing stuff. Its what I do, really. The problem is, there's lots of ways to organize the same stuff. I think I could easily spend way too much time on the re-organizing side of life. I don't have a problem. I can stop anytime I want, erm, when someone hits me over the head with something, ah - eventually. Let's just hope that is sooner than later. But I do think I deserve a couple of weeks off. First, I have to get there. (And yes, I know that the time will somehow fly by and drag on, simultaneously.)

The above info is why I have nothing but a profile page on Ravelry. I have to get my yarn stash all out and gussied up for pictures. Then find the time to take the pictures, etc. Still, another organizational project for me. Yay, me!

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