Friday, November 02, 2007

I bought it for the cover model

No. Seriously. The new Vogue Knitting? It has Paulina on the cover. I LOVE this woman. You know, in a healthy non-stalking sort of way.

It is a throwback to my life in the 80s. She was all the rage, on the cover of all my favorite magazines, the Cars video for Drive, etc. In fact, her face drove most of my magazine purchases at the time. (I'm sure the 80s marketing directors would be quite satisfied to hear that.) Stunningly beautiful, somewhat ethereal (to me anyway). She was the closest to a 'perfect beauty' I could imagine. (Well, apart from Audrey Hepburn maybe.) I admit that, as a fan of the Cars, the video and her later marriage to Rick Ocasek really pushed me over the edge in my admiration of her.

Man. How superficial is that?! But then I wasn't even 20 yet, so I think some slack is due on this.

Weird. I was never someone concerned with becoming a "beautiful person" or even of being in that crowd. Nevertheless, I was smitten with Paulina. Stayed up to watch her on the Johnny Carson version of the Tonight Show and spent my money on all kinds of stuff just because her face was on it.

Well, imagine my surprise when I was browsing knitting magazines and there she was. Right on the cover. Cover model Paulina is back! Probably not quite what she's been used to, but somehow it is perfect. For someone who had a bit of a reputation for dissing the fashion industry, I think it is appropriate that she represent something she does apparently enjoy - KNITTING.

Wow. The Cars and knitting. Its like we're twins or something. We have so much in common! (Yes. I'm kidding!)

And yes of course I bought the magazine.

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