Wednesday, October 10, 2007

On the other foot...

Hmm. Well, no picture today. I'm just happy to be posting something. I'll appologize now for typos I may miss. I seem to be using someone else's hands, or maybe my feet, for the typing today. We're talking every other word takes three attempts to get it right. Jinkies!

Anyway, I'm making smashing progress with the second slipper. As predicted/hoped, I do seem to have learned from my errors on the first one. Or perhaps I just learned to count. Either way, I'm nearly finished with #2 here. Perhaps I'll get it done today at luch. If not, it will be close.

Another thing that will be close is whether or not I have enough yarn to finish the slipper. It looks like it will be pretty tight. I'm not necessarily good at gauging that sort of thing though, from what remains of a ball of yarn. We'll see. I can't decide if I'm going to preemptively get another skein, or sweat it out until it is finished (or the yarn actually runs out). Do other people do this? Freak out and buy an extra skein just in case? Even on stuff where dye lots don't matter & the yarn is easy to find?

I think I have some weird section of my brain that thinks I might be knitting at midnight and run out of yarn on a project that must be completed or else I will expire on the spot. pffffft! As if. I go to bed waaaaay to early for that, AND I've never really heard of any situation in which a knitter actually expired because s/he ran out of yarn and couldn't get more immediately.

I am really happy to be back on my knitting/TV viewing schedule. I'm happy to get my fall shows back and this slipper is going so fast. It just feels good (except for the twitching over maybe needing another skein - LOL). Work is stressful enough these days that I really, really, really appreciate the break.

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