Thursday, September 20, 2007

Wedding quilt

Finally! Here's the photo of the completed quilt square for the wedding. It shouldn't have been so hard, but I outsmarted myself a bit. I got a new online photo thing and thought I would be able to put stuff there and download it here and maybe get it to make me dinner as well. LOL Actually, I just got my photos moved all around and couldn't remember where I had what. Anyway, I finally got it here.

As you can see, I just went with the two shades of blue and I didn't modify the design so that it would match at the two corners. (This was suggested as most of the other designs are symmetrical.) I would have to completely rechart this design and pretty much create a whole new one to get it to be symmetrical. So I didn't. The original design only had borders on the bottom and the right side. I added the border on the other two sides. It is intended to be a corner type piece, but it would be the only one on the quilt, so they really didn't want it to look like a corner piece. I guess they didn't want to 'require' three other people to do corner pieces, but they asked if I would do one. I have no idea what was in their heads at the time. In the end, it looks nice and I can't wait to see the final quilt.

The wedding is this weekend, and I'll be singing in the choir. Orthodox Christian weddings are not like Protestant weddings. They were traditionally performed as a part of the liturgy on Sundays, as I understand it, but are often moved into a seperate service now. (Perhaps this is just in the states, or maybe a 'modern' or local adaptation. I have no idea.) The music is pretty much liturgical and generally performed by a set group, usually the choir. There might be a piece performed as a solo, but it, too, is liturgical in nature. We do not use musical instruments, it is all acapella. I digressed a bit, sorry, but the point was that the quilt is usually given in the fellowship area after Sunday's liturgy. I'm not sure this one is on schedule, but I hope so.

On the knitting side of life, I've been working in a bit of sock knitting this week. I think the Oktoberfest got me inspired with the sock again. I've had some meetings at work and the sock was a good size to take along. I was surprised at the progress I made while drinking beer, and the stitches still look good. LOL Of course, now I'm a bit strung-out on decongestants as my youngest gave me her sinus-y virus thing. So, I could be wrong. Maybe I'll just wear the socks when I'm sick. Hee!

You know, I spent the whole day at Oktoberfest knitting a sock. A couple of people asked about it and said "cool" or whatever and moved along. I worked on the sock in a room full of artists, for Pete's sake, and I must have had three people say "You know, you can buy socks..." Seriously. What snots. Oh well. I know what a hand knitted sock feels like and they will just have to suffer along in their handmade sockless state.

Is that cruel of me? Naaaaah...

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