Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Back to school

Oh Jinkies! This week is INSANE. There's just no other word for it. Hopefully, you, wherever you are, are immune to the insanity that seems to be taking over here. Every single day this week has seemed like it was one week long, all in 24 hours. So, here it is, Thursday and I feel like I should be preparing for Oct. 1 already. I thought maybe it was just me. Nope. Virtually every grown-up I talk to is experiencing the same weird time/space thing. Mind you, it doesn't mean that it is a bad week, in and of itself, only that time is not working properly. At all. Well, okay, it hasn't really been a great week for me either, but yesterday was decent and it was still a week long. Go figure.

It took me two days to find enough time to weave in the 5 ends I had for my washrag! Good grief! That's ridiculous, isn't it? Ah. Well, I keep hoping each new day will only be 1 day long and that I can get some stuff done for a change. You'd think week-long days would allow more time to accomplish stuff, but so far, no go on that one. Just keep swimming... (Thanks to Dory for that one, it does help on days like these. LOL)

Anyway, last week we got the kids off to school and it was quite an adventure. My girls are in the back row on the left, and in the front with no sleeves. The youngest was so excited to be going off to school, I didn't get a hug or kiss or even a wave. She all but ran up the steps to the bus. >sniff< I'm glad she was so excited, but mommy needed a hug and a kiss and maybe a wave too. LOL I'm glad it all went well. Day 2 saw some crying from the youngest once she was in class, missing her mom and all, but by Day 3 she was fine again.

The oldest had a rough couple of days, but seems to have recovered her interest in school again. I'm very grateful for that. We were looking at some serious emotional upsets for a while and I was considering the possibility of counseling for her. It was frustrating because we couldn't identify any specific cause for her anxiety about school & it was, quite frankly, driving me crazy. Day 1 didn't start out so good for her, but by this week, she was fine again. She lays the credit for that at the, erm, paws of the "puppy" she plays with before school each day.

"Puppy" = 9 month old rottweiler/shepard/great dane mix. He's already the size of a big shepard, with a bit of the bulk of a rottie. SWEET, sweet dog. I should try to get a picture for DD#1 to keep with her. I love this dog & they seem to have a special bond. Too bad he isn't ours. (Of course, I might be less enthused with him if I had to take him for walks and clean up after him. I'm used to cats, dogs require different efforts that I'm just not used to.)

Ah, well off to see how the day shapes up. Seems that we've got a bit of fog out there today. All I can see is one uniform shade of pearl grey. I kind of like it, but it'd be even better if I could just go curl up for more sleep. And a book. And some knitting.

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