Thursday, August 06, 2009


So, yesterday I thought I would take the kids to play with their friends and then I would be free to spend a little time on chores. After the chores, I was going to enjoy a long afternoon of knitting. You know, because it was too stinking hot to touch wool last week.

Well, as I pulled back into the garage, I looked at all the boxes sitting around in there. Himself and I have decided we are going to spend time working through those boxes and either re-pack the things we're keeping or, here's a novel idea, use the stuff, or give it to charity. So, yesterday, in a fit of strange energy, I decided to sort through a few boxes.

After browsing through some boxes full of spiders, spiders and books, I decided to sort through photos & old personal memorabilia instead. Hmmm. I have a lot of photos, old photos, and now I'm thinking those spiders look pretty nice. lol On the other hand, I managed to get the other stuff sorted out by era nicely labeled in sealable boxes, and some stuff sorted into the recycle bin, so it will be easier to go back and look at it all for fun when I want to. In some small way, mission accomplished.

I was surprised by some of the stuff I found in those boxes. I'm not talking about the spiders here. I found lots of old notes my friends and I wrote to each other back in school. You know the stuff all about that cute boy you followed around the halls, or what you were planning to do over the weekend, etc. The notes you write instead of the class work you should have been doing. I think I kept them by accident, really. My mom had a bad habit (still has, most likely if given the chance) of going through my room and sorting through all my stuff when I was out of the house, spending the night with friends, driving around, etc. Anything in the room was open for full inspection, or reading as the case may be, because (at the time) it was her house. Furniture was rearranged, things were thrown away, whatever struck her fancy when I was out of the house for the evening. Of course, she never had any interest in reading my school papers, but the notes from my friends were fair game in her mind. I took to keeping those notes in folders so that they looked like school work, not chatter with my friends. I think it worked out, but it took me until my senior year to figure that one out.

Of course, a few years later I worked out that my mom's behavior was an inappropriate invasion of my privacy. The reading of private papters is just the tip of the iceberg, but there's no need for going there now (or here). We all have our issues. It would have been entirely different if I'd been a troublesome teen up to no good, etc., but I wasn't. I was a model child. Until college, anyway. But, that's a whole different kettle of fish and one thing leads to another, and so on.
I also found some old love letters from beaux long gone. Is it kosher to keep those? I really hate the thought of tossing them. While they don't come from the man I married, they were very important at the time, and helped me become the person I am. I just don't know what to do with those.

So. Here I sit with hundreds of photos that I hope to scan, and some that will be thrown out due to really terrible picture taking skills, Polaroids that are almost entirely black (I have almost no idea what the subject was it is so dark), and dozens and dozens of landscape photos that simply have no meaning anymore. Look! A tree! Somewhere. Could be anywhere, really. Oh! And here's another tree. Again, I have no idea where. But it is green! Woo-Hoo! Yeah. I probably don't need a gazillion of those. Do I? I mean, I know I took the picture in 1976, or 1978, on one of my trips to Oregon to visit family. The above mentioned trees were photographed somewhere on the road between Texas and Oregon. Could be anywhere, really. The trees in question might not even be standing anymore. But, then, should I keep the picture in memory of a tree that may no longer be? Even if I can't know for sure? Um, no. I think photos lacking any identifiers (people or signs) may all be fair game for the trash bin. They are faded and, really, unremarkable.

The question is: Will I get to work on this right away? Or will I need to find another box...


Glenda said...

Oh please find another box. You soooo make me laugh. I can't tell you how many "tree" pictures I have. Why in the world would you want a picture of some random "tree" when you should have been taking pictures of your friends standing by the "tree". lol
Thanks for sharing.

Michele / akkasha said...

I understand about that sort of sorting through stuff. It is amazing what it can dig up. (I still have some old notes from friends in high school. They are great to look at once in an eon.)

I would definitely keep some of it. Of course those pictures you can't identify, it makes sense to toss them.

But I would definitely keep the letters from an old beau. It is an important part of your past.

I am sad as I actually lost some letters from an old boyfriend because they were email (back when it is was easy to save it as a text file...). My hard drive died and I hadn't printed them. So they are lost in the pixels.

I also lost a bunch of other stuff. My sister was storing it while I was at college. Her place flooded and a lot of paper was tossed.

I still have boxes with old journals and loads of other things. Yah, I know they are really just taking up space and collecting dust. But they are reminders of the past that are nice to look at once every 10-20 years. *smile*

Anonymous said...

On the privacy issue ... I always tell Aidan anything of his is fair game if there is a reasonable need for me to snoop (as in me suspecting something that is not acceptable in our family). But I don't just go in randomly snooping and reading his stuff. Bjorn can go through and see what he's been doing on his computer, which is probably a good deterrent for any untoward activity. Aidan is a great kid, but you never know.

I love the pictures you posted on FB of "Touch of Class"! Ah, life in the 80s.

Keep going through boxes ... you never know what treasures you might find!

Stacy (I can't remember my google acct password! How sad!)

Daisy said...

Thanks for the comment you left on my blog about my engagement!! And don't get me started on sorting through stuff - eeek!